Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

We got an early start and drove to Munford to Trick or treat Rob's family then headed back to Covington to the Links for Ellie and Boo and to actually get out of the car and walk around and "trick or treat" seems that every year, we spend so much time trying to be sure we go see all the people we need to see (and want to see) that we don't end up with time to actually just go house to house and trick or treat. Well, the Saturday night Halloween was great for us...plenty of time for all of it! We actually rode on Uncle Chad's decorated golf cart through the Links which was a nice treat. We stopped off at the Hensley's for a Peter Pan reunion (and no, Nicole and I did not plan the costumes....actually Bo came home from school about a month ago and said "Jonah's gonna be Peter Pan for Halloween too, and Mary Claire is gonna be Tinkerbell like Lane." I said, "Oh, Bo, I don't think so, he probably just said that because you were talking about your Peter Pan suit!".....but I thought, I'll text Nicole just to be sure....well, Jonah wasn't making it up! Bo had a blast playing with "Captain Hook" and asked Ms. Nicole if he can wear his suit over again for more fighting with Captain Hook!

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nicole said...

Great Halloween pictures! I thought they all looked so cute in their Peter Pan costumes! And we are anxiously awaiting the return of Peter Pan at our house for what is sure to be some exciting sword fights! I think John Owen AKA Captain Hook may have his work cut out for him with 2 Peter Pans to fight off!