Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tiger Lane (and Bo and Kate!)

We had a blast at the first football game (and win) of the season..against  MTSU!  Tiger Lane is really great and Bo really loved watching every play of the whole football game, he is really learning the game behind sports these days!  Can't wait till Saturday....nothing like football in the fall!  And Kate was a trooper (she hung with us from 1:00-10:00 and we didn't leave the game till it was over...we even stayed for the fireworks show! To top it off, Rob and I were watching the "Larry Porter Show" Sunday night and who did we see running the football...BO!  They filmed a little in Tiger Lane to show it off and they filmed him!  He was so proud when we showed him!
teaching Bo football!

Bo is loving being with these guys!!

They love them some Uncle Marty!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


With 5 kids under the age of and dad opted for a "staycation" this year, instead of taking us on a trip! Probably had lots of activities planned and the kids loved being together so much.  We did lots of swimming, playing outside in the waterslide/baby pool, golf cart rides, and eating daddy's good food. We even watched some old home movies.  It was definitely crazy with that many kids (and Kate was less than 3 months old!)...not to mention Jay and Michele ended up having to drive down because the flights were so crazy...but it was a good time!
We celebrated all the kids birthdays together since we don't usually see each other on their actual birthdays with a  "Grankid" birthday cake (but it was really Ellie's birthday!

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nothing better than popsicles after a waterslide!