Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Atlanta- spring 2012

It is awesome that my brother lives in Atlanta and the men in our house are huge Braves fans because it is a great excuse to go see the both of them!  (not to mention they have an American Girl store no, too!)  Another great trip- this one half at Jason's and half at a downtown hotel.  Memories: Bo was asked to announce "Play Ball" on the field before the game (a random Braves rep came up to him and asked- I think it was a combination of his jersey and sheer handsomeness that attracted her to him!),  the Aquarium, Kate met "Homer the Brave" (and was scared to death),  Lane getting to taste over 60 flavors of coke at the World of Coke, Lanier world water park (both kids did "Geronimo"!!), playing in JJ's basement, and a great dinner (with mom, dad, Chad, Jason, and Michelle) out without the kids. 

getting ready to go on field for "Play Ball" (which I was videoing, so I don't have a pic of!)

Getting the dolls hair styled

The Coke Tasting!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

A special 7 year old birthday

Bo had a pretty special birthday, considering he was playing for the T-ball state championship on his birthday...but that also meant a cancelled birthday party that we had scheduled with his friend, Jonah (who is 1 day older than him) ...(remember all that rain but our games a day behind, so we  were supposed to be home for the party, but that didn't happen).  So, he had a sleepover the next weekend with a few best buds.  Complete with pizza, game of backyard baseball, and a movie.  

Love (and hate) the mohawk view in this pic).  


I look at you somedays and have memories of what a bad baby you were or what a hyperactive toddler you were..how I worried that you would struggle in school because you couldn't be still and pay attention (but you were no comparison to the fast paced, can't sit still body of your little sister- I think you helped me prepare for her).....but now I see how (nearly) perfect (to me) you are.  There is definitely some connection to a momma and her boy that people told me about that I am starting to understand.  I want to protect you from ever feeling hurt or saddness so much....but I know you will have to so, I try my best to prepare you for the things of this world.  
    You have become a great student and I don't worry about you paying attention in class anymore!  You are a kind friend, and I think it is natural for you to feel compassion for others.  
   You definitely got some athletic ability from somebody (maybe you got the little bit that I had and it was magnified in you) and combine that will your daddy's competitive edge and sports brain...it is proving to be a good (and bad at times, when you lose) combination on the ball field (and court).  You ran your first 5K this week and got a 3rd place medal (Against 8-9 year olds).  I love to watch you play (anything).  
  I pray for your  your future, you future wife (which you told Lane yesterday that you would never have:), your safety, and most of all I pray for your relationship with Jesus.  I remind myself daily that you are mine for a while to keep for Him.  If you do nothing else in life- I pray that you know Jesus.  
Love, Momma

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The one and only mohawk

I promised Bo if his team made it to the state tournament, he could get a "mohawk"...one of the latest Bo crazes around these days. Rob did not make the promise nor support it, but I went on my own with this one.  July 4th we were at Gigi and Pops house and his Uncle Hunter (who has cut many a mohawk for his college baseball teammates) offered to do it, so I thought, what a better memory than to let Hunter do it!  But as he got started, my stomach was turning and I thought I had made a mistake!!  Bo's fine little thin hair makes his scalp show through so much, I looked scalped at first!  When it was done, admittedly, it wasn't so bad.  He loved it! and thankfully, it was grown out enough to cut off by the time school started and his sweet head with likely never see a mohawk again as long as he is in my house! (knock on wood)

Friday, October 19, 2012

"Super Why" Live! At the Orpheum

Thanks to my cousin, Katie, who is a costume designer in NYC, we landed free tickets to Super Why live at the Orpheum!  She designed the costumes...how neat is that!  The kids had  a great time and Kate still talks about it (mostly about giving "Woofster" 5...here we go with the mascot/costume obsession again! (It was in July....still catching up on posts.)