Sunday, September 18, 2011

Loaves for Lucy and Le Bonheur


 In an effort to raise money for LeBonheur for the upcoming "Pumpkin Run" in honor of sweet Lucy, I am going to put my kitchen to good use on Friday.  I will be baking some fall breads that I can deliver to you on Friday or Saturday.  The "menu/prices" are below.  Please send me a comment or email me at to order.   Please order by Thursday, so I can do my shopping Thursday night.   (Be sure to include a way for me to respond to you if you "comment").  This would be a great treat to give your mom, favorite teacher, sunday school teacher, or just to have around to nibble on this weekend(:  

Banana Bread (with or without nuts)
Chocolate Pound Cake
Lemon pound cake
Pumpkin Bread
(These will be made in a standard "loaf pan")

All are $10/each
  or 2 for $18
  or 3 for $25

I will wrap them each individually so that you can give one or two away and keep one or two for yourself!  

And remember, the race is October 8th and you can sign up at or you can go to the website to donate to "Team Lucy"!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Saturday night, I was blessed to experience an unforgettable a first in my life....A surprise party (or quaint dinner with friends actually).  I just have to tell the story because for me, it was amazing.  A feeling I can't explain.  I mean, I am pretty social, I love to be with people and have lots of gatherings at my house or organize dinners out and such.  But this, was something different.  Rob (with the help of some friends) planned a surprise birthday dinner for me.  The feeling that I had as I stepped around the wall at Marlo's was indescribable.  I felt so loved. Loved by my husband, who was not innately blessed to be a romantic or have prethought to much of anything except going to a ball game.  Loved by these friends that got babysitters and went to extra effort to make that night special for me.  I think it was somewhat of a group effort (led by Rob)...and it was so neat to hear them talk about how they got it together.  Although it sounds like their cover was almost blown several times...I had NO CLUE!  First, Rob had mentioned to my parents about babysitting for the event last weekend and my mom later told me that she forgot and mentioned something to me about keeping them Saturday, but I knew he mentioned us going to eat, so I didn't think anything about it.  Then, Amy said that Abby came home from school saying something about seeing me at school and asked her about my party.  Then, my dad said that Ron at Marlo's told him that Rob had reservations for us at Marlo's on Saturday (they were there eating on Friday)....still, nothing registered with me!  I thought, " Aw, wow, that's really sweet, that he made a reservation."  I do remember just before we left the house, he asked if I was going to blow dry my hair...(it was wet straight from the shower) I know why!!  Amy helped the plan by texting me earlier that day (I had mentioned to her that we were gonna go eat Saturday if they wanted to join us (since they had a babysitter grandmother in town)...and she texted me Saturday to say, thanks for the invite, but Brad can't miss the big LSU game!  (Thanks Brad for your sacrifice to watch it in the bar:)  So, as we pull up on the square (we parked up by Le Chic), I see Baker's truck, and I said, "Oh, the McCools are here". (Didn't thing ANYthing about that because the are Marlo's regulars....but as we walk down the hill I see the Hensley van, and I said "Jan and Nicole are here too.  They are probably celebrating her birthday...crap, I need to call her!"  THEN, I see what looked to be the Glass vehicle, but I said, "Nah, I seriously doubt it" and Rob said, "No, that's not theirs"...still clueless (Brad and Amy were in his truck, so I didn't pick up on that)...and the Cranford's were late and missed the surprise (she was probably working on that incredible cake!)  So, after a great surprise, a few tears and hugs all around, a lot of laughs, and a great meal, we headed to the Cranfords for cake!  We even planned a running group to start....I obviously didn't have my camera but Nicole took a few (we forgot to take one with the guys).  (And thanks Nicole for helping Rob with this on your birthday weekend...what a friend:)  

Birthday girls....Summer was there celebrating her birthday too:)