Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas pictures

I have to give credit to Amy B for all the outside photos...she came over and snapped these while Mills slept in the car!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This was my dinner last night....
chicken tenders and broccoli...yeah not that bad of a dinner, but it's the manner in which it was comsumed that begs for sympathy.  Still on the pan I cooked the chicken tenders on, honey mustard squirted right there on the aluminum foil, and the broccoli dumped straight from the bag onto my "plate" (or rather cookie sheet).  (Lane and Bo were sitting at the table eating on plates)- As I was rushing around the kitchen checking backpacks, signing papers, packing Lane's lunch for the next day, giving Kate a few bites of food here and there, opening Christmas cards, checking my email to see how many packages were shipped today, and so on.....I would sneak a bite from my "plate" still sitting there on the stove.  I just started thinking in the madness....I wonder if this is normal?  (Needless to say Rob was at a coach's meeting)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The kitty who crawled backwards....

I think she is precious in these pj's....and she has realized how fast she can combat crawl (only backwards)on the hardwood...usually backing heself into the walls, or under the desk in this case!

What kind of parents let their baby get so tierd that she goes to sleep in the exersaucer??

Friday, December 3, 2010

Old fashioned or Gen X?

The real question is go to the store or cyber shop??  I have done at least 75% of my shopping online this year.  I was thoroughly dissappointed on Black Friday because I went to Walmart at midnight, got a few deals and came home..I really didn't have that much to do because I have so diligently searched for the best deals online.  But wait, are they really good deasl (I tell myself they are), but I have found that I search for online coupons and usually I need to spend just $20 more to get free shipping or spend $100 and get a $30 gift card, which causes more purchases...and so on.  I also have definitely spent more hours that I care to count in front of this computer hitting refresh on ebay to get the latest deals (on some used big ticket electronic items - (like nintendo DSI and ipod touch:).  I even bought Rob and I a new macbook on ebay at last night (and I will say it was definitely a bargain)....but I don't know, I have kind of missed saying "I need to go to Memphis Saturday and I dread that traffic."  Just wondering what you have done this or cyber???

On a side note, as I  am typing this, here is the conversation going on behind me in the living room:
Bo: "Lane is that Justin Beaver" (on tv)
Lane: "Yes, but it's Justin Bieber, with a "B" Bo."
Bo: "Oh, do girls like him?"
Bo: "All girls?"
Lane: "Yes, some like him a lot and some just like him."
Just thought that was funny!