Wednesday, August 31, 2011

23......okay, okay,...32

I celebrated 32 years yesterday.  30 was tough for me...since then, it doesn't bother me so much. I guess when you are out of your 20's, you just start coming to grips that you are never going to live the 18-25 life anymore.  So, if you are still in that bracket,..enjoy.  At 23, I was newly married, just out of college, we had 2 paychecks for 2 people, came home after work had to find something to entertain ourselves, laid on the couch a lot and watched tv, was a new member at our church, enjoyed lots of dinners out alone or with other couples, kept a manicured yard and house, found more time with girlfriends, on and on and on.  At times, it seems that was the life.....then, I am reminded that THIS is the life!  Surrounded by my 3 kids who keep me busier than any I ever thought about at 23, squeezing in alone time with Rob as much as possible (and a girls night here a there), living more pay check to pay check as I pay childcare, school stuff, more gas, higher bills, trying to water the flowers just when they look like they may die if I don't, super engaged in our church activites....all while TRYING to keep the same perspecitve on living a God first life, each day to the fullest.  I look foward to each stage of my kids' lives.  They are growing so fast.  I mean, I have a second grader.    Rob and I have always said we look forward to having "grown children"  (not that I want to rush this stage, but it sounds so fun to have my kids come home from college and go to dinner or meeting me to shop somewhere.  I love having time with my kids and time with my husband (both together and separate)....those are the things that keep me going. Family. Friends. Doing something active. And most importantly, making time for my God.  Without that, nothing means anything.  

So, I do enjoy my birthday  (Rob and my mom keep telling me I can't celebrate all week).  Daddy and momma cooked ribs and strawberry cake on Sunday with some family.  Rob and the kids (minus bad Kate, thanks to Uncle Hunter and Samantha) took me to Benihana (one of my faves) last night.  I got some new running shoes (for the 5 races I am signed up for over the next 2 months).....I know, I am sooo not competative, but, it's a small goal I have set for myself, more to come on that in the coming months.

Here are some pics, and there are a lot of me, but you know, when we look back at our scrapbook, in 20 years, you know, this day was about me!  Plus, I just had to share those expressions from my cake pictures!!

Duck lips

The kids blew out my candles before I had a chance!!

my gifts from momma...she went all at Le Chic...found some great bargains. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bo is 6!

After much waiting, Bo is 6!  We celebrated with a party at the Country Club pool with lots of friends.  Of course, baseball was the theme.  He chose a combination Red Sox/Braves party (his two favorite teams).  His brithday present from us was a re-decorated bedroom (since this was Lane's gift in the spring, he wanted the same thing).  We also took our Atlanta trip to the Braves game in honor of his birthday.  


Something about a love between a mother and her son.  You are special to me in an indescribable kind of way.  The way you hug me and kiss me is so sweet.  For your 2nd birthday, you were into Cars, the third was Ninja Turtles, the 4th was still, Ninja Turtles, your 5th was Ben 10....and now it's baseball.  You are growing up and liking "older kid" stuff.  You still play with toys some, but mostly you are in the backyard playing baseball (or inside with a spongy ball) or watching baseball on tv or at a baseball game.  Your favorite movie is Sandlot.  You still LOVE McDonalds Happy meals....(for the toys). Your favorite foods are pizza and cheeseburgers (I fight you more than anyone in the house to get your fruits and veggies in you).  You are reading sight words at school and trying super hard:)  You get up with with chickens and are bright eyed and bushy tailed most mornings.  You love to play with can strike up a conversation and fit in wherever you go (you love to roam around at Lane's softball games). you are so sweet to Kate, you love to go in her room and love on her when you hear her awake in the mornings. You are very protective of her.  You have this little shy/attitude about you at times that drives me crazy, because you are not a shy child.  You haven't learned the art of tact yet (you know like when you open a present that you already have, you don't know how to pretend or you aren't afraid to ask yourself over to a friends house!)   Thanks for being you.....I'll take your little quirks with the rest of your sweet little self any day!

Here are pics of Bo's new "Baseball" room....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a slap in the face

Although I think I already knew most of what John discussed in this post.  It kind of slapped me in the face.  I am still recovering.....helps me on days/moments I am having a "pity party" to put in into perspective or better yet, feel HIS love.  
click the link below to read John Fullerton's blog post....
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kate- 15 months

I don't know if you are just full of yourself because you are the third child, you were born that way, or what...but you are busy, bossy, and absolutely adorable.  I know I am partial, but I think you are beautiful, too:)

words:  momma, daddy, Lane, Bo, gigi, pops, Ellie Boo, Huna, manta, dave, Cha (chad), SaSa (ms. Sara) , JanJan, cookie, cracker, bite, want dat, tank tu ("thank you", you even say this when you want something as a way of asking- as in I see you have some candy.."tank tu, tank tu", I want it!), )gape (grape), tawbe (strawberry), outside, dog, puppy, cat, meow, bampie (blankie), night, night, teeth, hairbow (you say this for hair, hair brush, and hairbow!), dink (drink), book, Abby/Addie (used interchangably), baby, gol car (golf cart), ye ma'am, chocate (chocolate), monkey
These are the words you say often and know the meanings of...however, you repeat nearly anything we tell you

You love, love, love to "bark" like a dog (unfortunately you "chop bark" like your daddy's squirrel dogs). We could record you and play you on a squirrel dog training video.

You can scribble well, turn pages of a book, put a few pieces in a formboard puzzle (that's for the OT in me:)
Love to be outside...all the time!! mostly to climb steps, that's your favorite part.  You also love ball- you can hit a ball off a tee (sort of).

Favorite foods:  grapes, well ANY fruit, veggies - (green beans, peas) turkey, cheese, veggie straws, (and of course Boo's ice cream and chocolate)

You are a "pilferer" as your daddy and I like to say.  Cleaning out drawers and cabinets is your specialty.

you pretty much boycot toys...very little interest in anything that looks like you SHOULD play with it. You are much more drawn to things that a 1 year old should NOT have (the things in cabinets/drawers)

You love Ms. Sara (your babysitter)....and you have even gotten the chance to know our special "Jan Jan" this summer when she has helped us out!

You love to ride the golf cart!

You love this little ceramic monkey that Bo made at Paint a Piece.  You kiss him every morning and night and you want to carry him everywhere.

You are still sort of "bow legged", but it's getting better (Ellie and Gigi have been really concerned:)

You have the prettiest head of blonde hair, that curls up in the back when you are hot (we are not known for having any sort of "body in our hair" in this family (although, after 3 kids, mine is trying to get curly or really, just nappy).

You tell us "Mo, Mo, Mo" for "No" or "uh uh" and shake your head no!

We take the good with the bad....and gosh darn it, we love you.....I can't imagine any of our lives without you. you are a LOT of work, but you are so worth it!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pea Shellin'

I remember shelling peas as a child.  Actually when I was about Lane's age, my hair got caught in an electric pea sheller and pulled about 20% of my hair out!  Since we don't have a garden, my kids miss out on things like this. I bought some purple hull peas at the Farmer's market off the square last week and they shelled and I cooked and they were mm mm good!  (Kate kept trying to eat the hulls as they were shelling)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dice in a cup

 I don't know why....but these dice (from the Mickey Mouse Yahtzee game) have entertained this 15 month old since I got home from work (about 2 hours)....we can't get her to play with any baby toys, electronic toys, or anything age appropriate, but small dice that she can choke on...she loves:)  I would say she has taken them in and out of the cup 100 times....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bo- First Day of Kindergarten

This little guy had a great first day of kindergarten. When I picked him up, I didn't get the usual respsonse the "how was your day?"...of "fine"..I got detatils!  When we did our "favorite thing of the day" at dinner he said "going to school and seeing Ms. Natalie" (he is having a hard time remembering his teachers name)...Lane had Ms. Lesile also and there was an assistant in her room that year named Ms. Natalie, so Bo is remembering that:)  When I went through his back pack, I said, "Bo Ms. Leslie sent you a (Hershey's) "Kiss" for having a great day...he said "I guess that's because she couldn't give me a real one." He gave me details of the school tour, every classroom activity, every student (only 5 today).  I am so excited for him. He is sooo ready!
Ms. Lesile's note home today said "I love Bo's personality:)"

This was our "afterschool" picture. Dad wasn't available before school....tending to the other 1,000 kids:)

Lane - First Day of 2nd Grade

Yeah...that's right, 2nd grade.  I looked at her last night and just could not believe her height, some of the "grown up" things she says and does, and then I looked at Kate and thought of Lane at that age, amazing.  Time flies. She is in her same class from last year (her teacher is looping - same class moved up to 2nd grade) should be a great year.  So glad she is so independent. It helps me so much.  She starts tumbling class tomorrow, so that (and possibly some piano lessons) will be her "activity" this school year.  Have a great year Lae-Bug!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Atlanta- summer 2011

We had a great weekend trip to ATL to visit JJ, Chele and the kiddos....and to celebrate Bo's 6th birthday at the Braves game.  The kid was enthralled...watched every minute and we even stayed after the game for a b-52's (Love Shack) concert!  He (and Lane) got on the Jumbo-Tron as he danced like a maniac adorably swinging his shirt around he head.  It was priceless and nothing made me happier than to see him at the game (just like seeing Lane at the American Girl store...or Kate standing at the dog pens:).  We went to "Money Joes" (like pump-it-up), swam, and painted in the basement, played baseball in the front yard..... we even went to Six Flags on the way home.