Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sweet and Sassy

This kid keeps is laughing and sometimes crying...she is so much work and so much fun!

I never write down the funny things she says, so I thought I'd share this one...
Tonight she held up Lane's First Chatechism book and said "This is a story about Jesus and the Frog." She opened it and read "Rapunzel went home and ........" she also tried to sell the preacher's wife a library book out of the church library last night for $500!

Other facts at 3 years 4 months....
*Has to have hugs any time anyone leaves the room
*favorite foods: yogurt, fruit, cereal, turkey, steak, broccoli, PB&J and of course...donuts, animal crackers, and other junk food...
*still sleeps with "happy and blankie" every night
*loves "Doc McStuffins", "Sophia the First", and "Bubble Guppies"

She just started preschool and already, the funnies begin....
She told her teacher she didn't want any boys in her class
After her first day of preschool, Lane got in a chair that she had been sitting in and she told her "Lane, I've been at school all day, give me my chair" 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mudcat Baseball spring 2013

 Another year of baseball for Bo in the books.  It was a good season and the boys had a lot of fun and success too!  Played one "out of town" tourney in Tupelo, so of course they enjoyed a hotel pool and hanging out in each others rooms! 

pushing coach Rob in after a win!

how cute is this!

watching a close play at third....

fist experience with sunflower seeds...

It always makes my heart smile watching them pray....sometimes I can hear the boys and it is so sweet.  Blessed to be married to a husband graced with a heart for God and for blessing others.

Coach Rob and Coach Dub

Thursday, August 15, 2013

High School Musical Junior...Lane the Rebel

Amazing what this child and the other summer theater campers did in just 1 week! It was quite impressive. Lane didn't try out for a speaking part, but I was quite proud of her work to learn all of the choreography for this great musical.  Looking forward to next year!

Fan club

cousin, Sloane

celebration with Sonic!

Two peas in a pod...they'd deny it, but its so true

Monday, August 12, 2013


Some cute cowgirl pictures from our friend, MC's birthday party