Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Atlanta- spring 2012

It is awesome that my brother lives in Atlanta and the men in our house are huge Braves fans because it is a great excuse to go see the both of them!  (not to mention they have an American Girl store no, too!)  Another great trip- this one half at Jason's and half at a downtown hotel.  Memories: Bo was asked to announce "Play Ball" on the field before the game (a random Braves rep came up to him and asked- I think it was a combination of his jersey and sheer handsomeness that attracted her to him!),  the Aquarium, Kate met "Homer the Brave" (and was scared to death),  Lane getting to taste over 60 flavors of coke at the World of Coke, Lanier world water park (both kids did "Geronimo"!!), playing in JJ's basement, and a great dinner (with mom, dad, Chad, Jason, and Michelle) out without the kids. 

getting ready to go on field for "Play Ball" (which I was videoing, so I don't have a pic of!)

Getting the dolls hair styled

The Coke Tasting!!