Saturday, May 28, 2011

Music on the Square

We have spent the last two Saturday nights on the square...eating ice cream, sno cones, and watching 
Kate dance her little booty off at Music on the Square.  She was quite entertaining.  I have some videa, but it takes too long to get that on here!  The bands were awesome both nights.  Tonight was a James Taylor like style duo...last week they band could have passed for Rascal Flats (maybe).  Fun times when you have 3 kiddos.  Bo said it was boring, but the girls and I loved it (I think Rob is with Bo, but he won't admit it:)  Just us girls went last week cause the boys were at a big baseball game (more to come on that soon).

Scrapbook catch up...

I cleaned all the pictures off of my phone the other day and loaded them into my computer...ran across some that I wanted to keep for the blog scrapbook.  They are terrible quality since they were taken on my phone, but guess what??   I just bought what I believe is the best "toy" I have ever bought for myself...a Canon rebel dslr camera...I got it used on eBay for just over $200 and you would think I had bought a $1000 camera...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  It's been a long time dream of I hope to share many more improved quality pictures with you soon.  I got it just in time for our beach trip!  

muffins for mom program

Bo D and Bo D hangin out!  

A visit with Aunt Louise and her new dog..Venus #3.

field day 2011

Bo's preschool graduation at MPNS

This was last fall, when Bo was getting into squirrel hunting...the picture below are the "bloody squirrels" he drew/colored and placed around the house as if he were shooting them....Men..?

This was an outdoor concert at the Levitt Shell in Memphis that we went to with Baker and relaxing...beautiful weather, friends, and southern jazz. 

Bo's "Blue Bombers" baseball team..summer 2010

1st grade awards day

Bo's "summer birthday" celebration at school

Just a picture of the house I took with the new camera! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"mi basbol tem"

Bo's life right now is He watches it on TV (he really asks me to turn on a baseball game and he will watch 9 innings!), he plays MLB 2K11 on his DS, and he practices with his daddy in the yard (or throws to himself).  Well, tonight at church I gave him some paper and crayons to entertain himself, and this is what he drew.  He started with the ball field then he kept trying to talk and tell me what was going on in the picture and in an attempt to try to keep him quiet I told him to write down his ball team names.  (Because before their first game, Rob was trying to make out the line up and he was trying to remember all the kids numbers and no joke..Rob only knew Bo's...but Bo told him every single kids number and he had only seen  the jerseys 1 time!  Seriously, he doesn't usually have such a vivid memory, just proof that he can pay attention when he wants to.  So, I knew that he knew the numbers, so I wrote out 1-11 and wrote 2 names to get him started to show him what to do.  Then he did the rest.  I refused to tell him any letters.  He did this all by himself (except #1 and #10).  I was proud.  I can seriously sound out and read all the names except one.  I just though it was the cutest thing I have seen in a while! 

Here is the list...