Friday, October 29, 2010

First time bowling

I have one of those Memphis Coupon books we bought from Lane's school fundraiser (but I pretty much always keep one of these around....for me, it is so much fun to save money, find a bargain, it's a talent/hobby of mine! Yeah, sick, I know...anyway, another good thing about it, is it helps us eat places we haven't and go places we haven't know venture out! Well we used our "Cordova Bowling" coupon a few weeks ago and it was really great.  A 1 hour activity that the kids were independent at (Kate in her stroller, no bowling for her!) and Rob and I got a little competive with each other...yeah, he pulled out the win, but not by much and we both bowled over 200 which is really pretty good, I think I had 4 or 5 strikes and he had 6 or 7! Anyway, I recommend it for anyone with kids over maybe 5!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summer pictures

I had some pictures on my camera that somehow I never posted, so for scrapbooking I need to get them in in random order, here are some old summer pictures...
Nanny and her babies! (4th of July party at Bre's)

Uncle Rookie has a good resting place for KK!

This was  a summer sciene project thanks to Ellie and Flo (Aunt Florence)...she had tadpoles in her landscape pond and gave us some to grow into frogs...the did well at first but only 2 turned into frogs, I think the small dwelling place in our bucket was hard on them.  But it was really fun to watch them grow back legs, then front legs, then be a frog!

A Saturday afternoon car wash

I know this bow looks ridiculous on her...I just keep trying to put them on her, but she is just not a bow baby...yet! But I will keep trying

These pictures are from uncle Chad's birthday party...Rob is giving him his birthday licks here!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kate Ellen's baptism....A Mother's Prayer

**If my words and pictures bore least scroll down and listen to the song.....
What a wonderful day! Kate was baptized at our church, First Pres. Covington on 9/26/2010.  Our minister Rev. Dr. Scott Sealy baptized her and was assisted by Rev. Ricky Lyle, a dear friend.  Holly sang a verson of "My Wish".  We celebrated with great friends and family at our house for lunch. 

She is a child claimed by God, and she is part of His family and the church, sealed in the sacrament of baptism. We pray that she will take the faith as her own in the coming years....I look forward to the days of confirmation. I have always loved a phrase that one of my former pastor used often "May she never know a day when Jesus Christ is not real to her." 

I love to listen to music...and especially Christian music- it can really make your day much brighter to hear lyrics that remind us of our faith.  At Lane's baptism, Holly sang "Amazing Love", which is a wonderful song of God's love for us and it made me think of how God loved her before I could! At Bo's, she sang "A Mother's Prayer"....well just listen and you will see why!  I listened to this song today and couldn't hold back to listen for yourself!

Ms. Baughes's beautiful work

Her dress was handsmocked with her monogram

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lovin' my feet and laughin' out loud!

Some 4 month pictures!  Is she Lane or Bo?? it's such a toss up!  I think the one in the pink and brown looks like me!