Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's Austin Nichols…and Shaq!

What a fun surprise to run into several Tiger basketball players after a game a few weeks ago.  Kate loves "Austin Nichols"..we went to see him play a couple of high school games last year and she just remembers the name, so his first game at the Forum, when we would say his name, she would say "Austin Nichols doesn't play here!!"  She was quite shy at meeting him!  Fun!!

I don't think he's held many kids…she looks like a sack of taters!

Bo and Shaq Goodwin!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I don't spend much time blogging, except to share pictures to print in my yearbook. I wish I made more time to blog.  But since I am "caught up" for now, I wanted to do a "Thankful List" for the this year's thanksgiving season:

I am thankful:
1. That I know my creator, God.  I have a relationship with Him.  I yearn to know him more.  I disapoint Him, I mess up daily, and he loves me anyway.  I don't fully understand Him, but I know His spirit is with me to help me understand him more each day.  I am thankful that I have the Bible.
2.  for my husband.  He loves me, I have never once in the last 19 years doubted that.  No, he is not perfect...but I'd sure like to be more like him.  It was not by chance that I met him...Thank you God.
3.  for 3 healthy, smart, happy, bad, loud, mess making children- 2 girls and 1 boy.  Some days I don't know how I do it, raising kids is so much work. But other days,  I just look at them and want to hold them and kiss them.  I am thankful that they are 3, 8, and 9...wonderful ages.
4.  for our families.  My parents who sacrificed so much for me, who would do anything for me, and who love me unconditionally; and I love having brothers (and Jason's family...I wouldn't know what to do if I was an only child, it's fun to share life with them). And for Rob's family- the in-laws, who are not in-laws to me. I love these people dearly.....really. I do.  They have taught me a lot and always shown me love.
5.  for our church and church family.  Sinners.....who have helped me to grow and where my life has been transformed into something it wasn't before.  Rob and I are growing to change our priorities and there really is no place we'd rather be than there.
6.  for the ability to run.  Can't explain it to those who don't can seem insane.  But the physical (stress)  release of running carries me through life with a different type of passion.  I may not always be able to run...but I am thankful that today, I can.  I also love massages for stress relief.
7.  for vacations.  I love to travel.  With Rob, with the kids, with family, with friends.  It's hard for me to turn down a trip.  I love to sleep in a (nice) hotel bed. I love to fly on airplanes. I love the beach, I love snow. I love big cities.  I do not love museums.
8.  freshly bathed children.  Nothing I love more than for my dirty kids to get their baths/showers at the end of the day.  Nothing like the smell of shampoo and clean pajamas.  And I am NOT a germaphobe, at all.  I just like bathed children.  It is rare for me to let anyone skip a bath around here.
9.  for work.  for vocation- for a paycheck to help support my family.  I like to help people.  My job is (usually) rewarding and I am thankful for a great career.
10.  for food.  I like to cook, I like to eat out, I like to teach my kids about food (and healthy choices- although I don't always live by example:) yes, I am thin, but I enjoy my food!

Happy Thanksgiving! Laura

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bo's 2nd grade field trip

Ms. Roberston's class at the Tennessee Safari park

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Legends Baseball- fall

his sisters love to support the team colors! They may not know if he ever steps on the field, but they want to wear a team shirt!!

silly boys!

More silly boys!

Runner up in season ending tourney!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Lots of fun for Halloween as usual.....
Church Trunk or Treat

Belle and Izzy

2 butterflies and a peacock

Baby Nora in Lane's pumpkin suit

Uncle Si...happy, happy, happy

Beautiful Belle...with brown hair!

"Uncle Russell and Ms. Nancy"

Trick or treating with friends

Monday, November 18, 2013


Another great weekend at NaCoMe.  When we left Bo said "Why would someone not come to NaCoMe?"  That sums it up- especially for the kids.  Next year I am going to check them out of school early so we can get there earlier!  It's over so fast:(  We had a great group of folks (kids outnumbering adults), and made lots of memories.  It was complete with the usual - campfire with smores, canoeing and hiking (or running for me), board games (with the added fun of "Carcasonne" thanks to the Gregory's this year - ha!), plus some new things like a scavenger hunt and a slack line! It was really warm this year - which I liked, but most everyone else wanted jacket weather back! Looking forward to 2014!

Can you say...slackline?? More interesting games from the Gregory's!

Scavenger hunting

Carcassone or "Roads and Bridges"