Sunday, June 26, 2011

old post

posting Christmas 2010 pictures that I never did so my future sister in law can help me finish up our year book from last year! 

Christmas 2010

We were fortunate to have a wonderful Christmas.  We love to be with our families and what a great time for that.  The kids love presents, what a great time for that.  We ate lots of great stuff (including our annual steak and lobster at Boo's).  And it's easy to say and sometimes hard to live out, but I think we held the true meaning of Jesus close to us during the season, most importantly.  Lots of pictures to follow so I can complete our 2010 yearbook!
Christmas morning

Oak Grove Christmas cantata

Bo was a "grandchild" at Oak Grove's cantata

Bo was disapointed that he wasn't casted as a wiseman in the oak grove play, but fortunately, he fit the part for his school play!!

Uncle Chad's annual golf cart parade hosted by Ellie and Boo.

KK watched from inside where it was warm with Boo

Uncle Chad and Lane (notice the Grinch theme for his was a joint effort- Ellie traced, Boo cut the plywood, and me and the kids painted him). Chad was soo proud!

Church program - my babies sang "Happy Birthday" in their sweet little angelic voices!

I said we weren't going to bake our annual cookies this year because I usually get frustrated with the process, but they talked me into it and it was the best year yet! We did gingerbread this year.

Bre hosted the "Murphy" Christmas. She had a gingerbread house for the kids to decorate

Lane's first grade program

My babies on Christmas morning- Kate didn't arise until 10 am (Lane and Bo were up at 630)

We spent many hours in lego assembly this Christmas- I think we literally had about 5,000 pieces total - he got about 5 sets!)

Lane's new macbook

Te magic set uncle Dave gave them

Aunt Chele can do this for hours - not me, I'd rather play a board game with them! That's why I gave them Guess Who for Christmas (my favorite childhood game - we have have many Guess Who tournaments since Christmas!)