Sunday, January 30, 2011

Its bad...

When your 5 year old (not known to be the neatest child in the world) says, "Momma, can we clean the car today.  It's really messy in here?" Lane tells me that often, but when Bo said it yesterday, I knew it was time!  I am not a procrastinator by nature (neither am I a neat freak), but I guess it's just the stage of life we are in....(that's my excuse for why there is a santa clause sitting on my front porch awating to be taken to the attic! (that's on the to do list for when I get off of this computer later!!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You're too little...

to be climbing on the couch, young lady!!

This little thing climbed on top of a toy to try to pull herself up on the couch to get the remote control. She's at that stage where we look up and say, "Where is she???"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Can I keep this first one?"....

is what her note to the tooth fairy said!  After all, she is about to be 7 so it's been a long time a coming.  It was not nearly loose enough to pull (IMHO) but she and her daddy were determined to get it out tonight!!  I've seen several other "toothless" kids on the blogs, so Lane can join that club now!

some snow to play in...

Jan 9th, 2011 - got a few inches of snow to play in.  It was great playing snow (awesome for snowmen, snowballs and sledding too!) We are too lazy for old fashioned sledding I guess, we depend on the four wheeler.  Thanks to Ellie and Boo for the new sleds (btw, Sam's sells some great ones for cheap).  We were planning to go to Atlanta to help Jason move in his new house, but they got it bad there too (like they were out of school for a whole week).  So we made the trip this past weekend (the girls and I did, Rob and Bo stayed back for his basketball game and some hunting).  

Rob was determined the "throw me off", but he never did!

A good day for taking down the outdoor Christmas decor!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kate: 8 months

What you are up to:
1. Figuring out how to move around - you started crawling well on 1/9/10 (had been moving backwards and every other direction for about a month, but started going forwards then...we found you in the bathroom today!!
2.  We just lowered your matress because you know know how to pull up.  You are having more trouble with naps because you want to sit up, roll around, pull up, play with the bumper pad....
3.  You are starting to realize that food we eat tastes better than your junk!
4.  You LOVE your paci (you got really attached when you were sick)
5.  You battled rsv and/or the flu during Christmas - it was rough, breathing treatments and all!
6.  Favorite word-Da Da Da
7.  Taking a big girl bath (sitting up in the ring)...often with Lane and Bo (after mom hoses the grime off of them first)!
8.  You love paper and boxes.
9. You cut your first 2 teeth the day after Christmas.
10.  you smile A happy, you like to be talked to and entertained!
11. Got your first snow 1/9/11.
12.  Making a trip to Atlanta to help uncle JJ move in his new house this weekend.
13.  you have WAY more hair than your brother or sister had at this's kind of wild, but we love it!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Olympic Day

Lane participated in Olympic Day at Rivercity to recognize her hard work in her gymnastics class (it's kind of like a recital I guess).  She gives good effort and is doing so well.  I am very proud.

Miss Allison

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Christmas Duet

Although it is approaching mid January and I still haven't posted our Christmas pictures  (I am in the process of uploading them and creating that post)....I ran across this and just had to share (I don't think I have ever posted a video before, but I think this one is worth it, well, for me anyway:)