Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall pictures

I decided since I bought a new (used) "Good" camera, that I would save some $ and take some pictures of the kids in a fall outfit....hmm, I was reminded why I pay to have this done!! But, I did get a few good ones.. BTW, I ordered their matching outfits from Etsy for like $60 for all three! I love homemade esty:)

 These are proof that it is easier to pay someone to do this!!!!!  Lane crying, Kate not cooperating, and Bo can't look at the camera....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nanny's birthday celebration

We celebrated Nanny's 84th birthday in August.  Although she is in the nursing home now, that will never be my memory of her.  She has taught me many things...several  of which vividly stand out to me.... spend  quality time with my husband (her grandson), life is too short not to do things you love (enjoy life), don't sweat the small stuff, and God is good.  I loved to hear her talk about Grandaddy and how much they enjoyed each other's company, loved to see her so active, always with friends, but then again always planning a family get together.   I will never forget when Memphis went to the Final Four and Rob and I were contemplating about going, I was at her house and she convinced me we needed to go.  She talked about her memories of the Final Four and that it is a once in a lifetime thing.  She gave us a little money and was so thrilled to be able to do so and see us go.  She was right, that experience is definitely something I will never forget, as I will also never forget all the great times with her.   I am so blessed that she lets me call her "Nanny" and treats me as her granddaughter. Her mind may be fading fast, but I hold tight to the fact that I have been able to be blessed by her presence for the last 17 years.
nanny and her grandbabies (minus miki and Bryan who couldn't travel to be with us that day)

Her "Anna Carol"

I have worked with a lot of dementia patients, but the way her personality goes back to "herself" when she sees these three is nearly miraculous to me.  She speaks more to Kate than I ever hear her talk.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Dawson

10.14.11...That's the wedding anniversary of "Uncle Hunter and Aunt Samantha".  Wow, I can't believe they are married....I love these two soo000 much....we enjoy being with them and so do our kids.  I am exceedingly glad to call Samantha "my sister" and have loved sweet Hunter since he was a 5 year old sneaking up to Rob's room to "spy on us":) (He always said "momma sent me to check on ya'll!)  They remind Rob and I of ourselves so much, high school sweethearts who wanted nothing more than to ultimately spend their life together.  

They look like angels to me:)

I want to save this picture for 20 years down the road when we may be looking a bit older!!

We had a bridesmaids luncheon/dressing party at our house the day of the much fun to snack and get ready all together (and learn a few secrets about the groom)!

Rehearsal dinner at Marlo's was a great time

Hunter's BFF, Tyler

Samantha's college roomies

Lane's dinner partner, the organist!

Samantha and her brother

The soloist and my dear friend

Maid of Honor and Flower girl

The "brother's toast"...hilarious..."Top ten reason why Samantha should back out" followed by a sweet, "you guys are great together speech"

The Dawson Boys

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Painting for a Cause

Our newly formed "Young Adults" Sunday school class has adopted "Habitat for Humanity" as our mission project. We spent a few hours a few Sundays ago painting at one of their houses.  If you are wondering.... 13 folks in 2 hours can paint 5 rooms, 2 coats! Wish I made time for more things like this:)