Sunday, July 31, 2011

Girls Getaway

So, I just spent 2 1/2 days with my good ole (not old...we discussed being 32 at length many times this weekend are are coming to grips that it is wonderful) friends this weekend.  Its a perk from Kendra moving to excuse to get away.  I realized on the plane that this was my first time ever to fly alone.  It was exhuberting....I read, listened to my IPOD, and slept.  A shout out to my husband for doing a great job with the kiddos and keeping the house straight AND doing the laundry:)
This post is for the girls, some inside information to remember all the fun we had.  And I have several more pics to post, but I am awaiting them from Audra (which probably means I will have to go get her camera myself to get them say she is technologically challenged would be an understatement...we worked on convincing her that texting is really not that hard, but I don't think she's quite ready yet...just one of many running jokes).  But I was determined to get this on here tonight (basically a dare from Kendra who made fun of my lack of blogging lately).  We didn't arrive on the beach till about 4:00, because it was the best, kind of day.....we had breakfast at the hotel, then we were gonna "stop by Marshall's" to grab me a pair of sunglasses, since I forgot mine.  So, they drop me off a the door and say they are just gonna wait on me in the car, and as I am looking at the glasses, here these 3 birds come strolling in.  Needless to say, 3 hours later we left Marshall's!! It was the BEST kind of kids, no hurry, and lots of welcomed opinions.  The neatest part...we all 4 came out with the exact same long black knit skirt (call it cheesy, but we thought it was hilariously adorable and we even compared how it fit each "backside" if you will)!  I cannot tell you the number of shoes we tried on...probably several dozen.  And, Kendra and I nearly had to take it to the ring over the shoes she ended up with...ADORABLE!  

We at some FABULOUS food....our fav was "Columbia" a spanish restaurant at St. Arman's Circle by  Lido beach.  We again all 4 ordered the same lunch...I see a pattern, maybe that's why we are still such great friends after 25 years.  It was a "1905" salad and Cuban sandwich.  Dang, that's all I can say.  The dressing was olive oil, lemon juice, worchester sauce,  vingegar, garlic, oregeno, and pepper. Divine.  Maybe it was the ham, maybe it was the green olives, I don't know, but it was tasty.  The famous Sangria was a nice touch at lunch also. Another fav were the fried green tomatoes and chicken nachos at Lee Roy Salmon's last night.  Now, the 81/31 pasta at Main Street Trattoria, we could have done without.  I guess the "stealing of the pens incident" was recourse for that.  (A little insider for my gals).  

Other great memories were hanging at the pool with Coco and Sebo, eating pretzel M & M's, listening to "Closing Time" by the awesome one man show at Main street, paddle ball on the beach, learning a few things from Kas on the beach (you know what I am referring to), discussing the movie "Friends with Benefits" (which we saw at 11:00 pm, I think that's the latest I have gone to bed in a few years), watching Kas and Aud blow dry their hair for an hour then pull it in a pony tail, staying up till 1:30 last night watching crazy you tube videos, listening to music on the beach and floating in the ocean "just talking".....we even got 2 live sand dollars (I have never seen one before). 
We are shooting for a cruise next summer, but if that doesn't work out, I will take another short weekend trip for sure.  It really was a perfect day yesterday:) Here's to next year!
BTW, I nearly missed my flight home, never done that before, guess it was hard to leave good company.

Oh, and Kendra just texted me and said that coming up on their news was a "story of a tourist overheating on the beach yesterday"....he was sitting by us and we helped him:) 

No, I am not practicing a runner's start or anything here...the crazy man taking our picture was cracking me up as he kept directing me to scoot back...I couldn't figure out how to get on the back row of the picture, but it looks like I am trying to get there...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

June birthdays

June brings birthdays for 4 special men in our family...Daddy/Boo, Pops/Mr. Bobby, Uncle David (Dave),and Uncle Chad.  Uncle Dave turned the big 3-0 and we celebrated by Gigi's pool as usual (no pics).Uncle Chad celebrates big every's a very important day to him.  He had a little party at the Country Club this year complete with 1 adorable hamburger cake and 1 tacky  hilarious "Hooters" cake.  

We had dinner for Pops at our house...complete with a store bought caramel cake.  

No pictures of Boo's birthday....we celebrated with steaks when Uncle Jay and Aunt Chele  were here for a visit.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 4, 2011

We had a few "4th" celebrations this year...some with family some with friends.  It was a great weekend, hot, but fun.  While I was at the Braves game last weekend (that post to follow), I for some reason was struck during the "Star Spangled Banner" of our freedom.  I looked around that massive stadium at folks enjoying themselves and realizing our liberty to be at a ball game, freedom to wear what we want, freedom to yell out for our team....we have many more blessings than that in this country (modern medicine, a democratic government...) but at the game, those things rang true with me.  Thank you God, that it was in your plan for me and my family to be a part of the Great US of A.