Friday, February 25, 2011

Pray for this little one....

Lucy will be in surgery at LeBonheur most of the day to remove 3 tumors from her brain and 2 from her spine (with a diagnosis of medulloblastoma).  All came to fruition in the last 48 hours.  As Kate put it, "it happened in the blink of an eye."  I feel as though I am barely able to function because my thoughts cannot seem to stray from them.  A mother of healthy children can only imagine what a mother of children who are less than healthy goes through.  Just a matter of months ago, I posted this with the same title as today's post.... Another friend who has suffered and continues to suffer with a sick baby.  Why? Why?  I am really struggling with the suffering issue right now. I watched the new documentary "Waiting for Superman" (on the problems with public schools; like in Harlem, D.C, etc..) and watching the lives of those children who live in poverty and well in general just suffer way more than my kids....well, I was already struggling with why all the suffering in the world and now, well lets just say I am really having issues with it.  Kate said in her post this morning that we can't question...we just trust God.  Kate even shared in these thoughts in bible study last, how ironic that she would be talking about not understanding why some people suffer and others (like her last Friday) don't have much to worry about....and now, she is dealing with more suffering than nearly humanly possible to endure.  I do know that good things will come from Lucy's situation...but for now, I need God to reveal to me something to help me deal with all of the suffering I am witnessing.  I really am just kind of mad about it all, if I am being transparent.  But, right now, the only thing that makes sense is to pray for a miracle, so that's what I will do.  Every time I think of Lucy and Kate and Eric today I will say a "breath prayer" for them.  Please join me.

If you don't already follow Kate's blog or don't know her (it is linked to mine) but her is the site.  She will be updating Lucy's progress here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby fat

I read Nicole's post about the paci before I posted this and now I am feel even more devastation than I did!! I am not ready to think about taking Kate's paci away....
Anyway, for Lane's birthday (in March) we are "redecorating" her room.  It is now pink with princess pictures on the wall.  I took down the princess pictures (from Disney when she was 3) tonight so we can paint on our snow day tomorrow....and it absolutely ached to take down that princess stuff and hear her say to Bo when he asked why I was taking them down, "I don't like princess anymore."  When I showed them to Rob, he said, "look at that baby fat". (by the way, I didn't take the time to find these on a disk, I just snapped a picture of the picture to post).   I looked at her sweet little hands and saw what he meant.  She is soon to be 7 and highly opinionated about what she wants in her room (we have had a few arguments...she won over the bedspread and I won over the furniture...$60 vs $1000!!) Anyway, 7...I mean  It hurts watching Kate grow up when I look at Lane and Bo.  Days are tough, but they are so numbered.  God, please help me enjoy each day and cherish each personality you have given me in my children.