Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lettie's surgery

My friend Summer's daughter had her neurosurgery yesterday. (She had one side of her brain removed due to intactable/unstoppable seizures). Everything went well and she is in critical care unit recovering now. You can see her blog "The Britton's" for details. But please pray for Mark and Summer, it sounds like they are having a hard time.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


What a sweet baby we have! No, she's not perfect, she cries some, but overall, she is a good baby. She has the sweetest smile and cutest cheeks. She likes to be talked to. She is not sleeping through the night yet, but usually just gets up once. I never knew that this baby would fit so perfectly in our family... God really does know what he is doing....

Brushing her hair and giving her sugars

She also met a few important people this friend, Kasey and her two uncles (JJ and Hunter)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bo- June

Bo's June has been filled primarily with one thing...VBS! He started the first week of summer off with baseball camp, which he loved...he felt so big! He is finally old enough to do things like this independently and he has been asking for a long time! Next, he went to Central Christian's VBS (Lane was at camp invention and I knew he would be bored at home with me...). He absolutely loved this was a great theme and he talked all week about the "buddies" he would get at the end of the week (these little plastic people on a ring clip) and he still plays with those things! Then he went to FBC's VBS and had a great time there too. I told him he could stay at home with me, but he chose not to! Finally, we finished our VBS this week and now, I think he is ready for a break. His favorite part of ours was the waterslides last night at the closing! I taught his class this year (I usually try to avoid that Pre-K class, but that was my calling this year...and there were 22 of them!) He also had his last tee-ball games and got his trophy, which he was so proud of...his first trophy! He asked me to take pictures of it, so I have about 20 pictures of his trophy and ball pictures on my camera cause he kept saying "ok now take one with both of them, now take one like this, now take one with me in it...." We have also been swimming quite a bit, but I haven't taken any pictures yet....I will try to do that in July!

Uncle JJ came for a short visit and got beat up as usual while he was here!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Never enough!

Never enough hibachi food and never enough time with girlfriends! Thanks girls for my pretty toes, new flower pin, and a great dinner....and yes, KK is catching chicken in her mouth...talent!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Please start praying for this little one...

Her name is Colette ("Lettie" for short). She is my friend Summer's youngest and is facing a tough surgery in a couple of weeks. I have linked Summer's new blog to mine to follow the process. You can read details there. I can only imagine in my mind how scared Mark and Summer are as they face this, but the last year has been a hard road and their prayers and course of doctors visits, hospitalizations, failed medicine, and tests have lead them to this. She is a strong little girl, so pray that she and her family will stay strong and that God will protect them and hold them in his arms in the coming month. I will update after the surgery. BTW...we were supposed to be at the beach with them in the middle of July, but this surgery has gotten backed up so much that it fell right during that time...hopefully she will be doing great next summer and we can try again!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet Cheeks!

Kate is growing like a weed...I whisper

in her ear everyday "please don't get any bigger"...but she is not listening to me! To us, she looks like Bo and acts like Lane. She makes grunting noises and holds her little mouth and hands like Lane did. BUT, she is definitely her own little self. She likes to be held..Rob says she's spoiled, but I assure him, she's not!

Happy Birthday, Boo!

This is one special dad, their granddad...he would do anything we ever needed for us! He is the most generous and kind hearted person I know! We love him a lot! (If you wonder where he got his name, my cousin, C.H. gave him the name "Boo" when he was small and C.H.'s mom, my Aunt Betty Gail called him Boo, too)....we carried on the name and I think it helps us remember her too!

Lane's Kindergarten Field Day

Lane had a blast at her field day this year...Kate and I went and watched a while outside!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Six hours with the Snuggie!!

I am pleased to report that Kate slept six hours last night...with a snuggie! I was dead tired last night and went to bed at 10:30 and Rob gave her a bottle and put her in her bouncy seat (she is having a little reflux and I told him to try that to see if it would help)....and she woke up six hours later..I went in the living room to get her and she was cozy in Lane's pink snuggie..Lane had left it downstairs and I guess Rob just layed it over her instead of hunting down one of her blankets! But I do know she loves fleecie feeling blankets (from her first few weeks in our bed feeling of ours)... and seems to sleep better when she is touching one!

Lane started "Lamb Camp" today and Bo started baseball camp...I slept late and am cleaning house..I can't wait to hear about their days when they get home! Hope all you teachers have a great first week out!