Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa Came!

 After a month of "Buddy" the elf watching the kids closely, leaving notes (good and bad) and even a surprise every now and then....we were happy to see that all of the kids must have been on the "nice" list!  



She got her "Vacuum"!!!!

Thanks Santa for the new load of toys for us to enjoy this year!  And we can't wait for Buddy to come back...Kate still looks for him every day:)

Christmas Memories 2011

Again...a Christmas Season filled with gatherings.  Although we had lots of places to go/be...I told Rob on Christmas Eve, it seemed to be one of the more relaxed Christmas seasons's I've had in a while.  I really enjoyed each thing we did.  There are lots of pictures below that start with our Sunday School party and end with Christmas Eve (Dec 1- Dec 24)....
Our awesome young adult class had a great get together at our house....and the entertainment was provided by the "yard sale" or as others call it "white elephant" Christmas Dirty Santa exchange...the gifts ranged from my old (still working crockpot) to a collection of Obama speeches to Darin's Dance Grooves Video to an awesome grille brush, some old ties, a battery charger...I think I'll stop now. Anyway, they were good for a few laughs.  We also were entertained by Christmas trivia!

Murphy Christmas dinner was at Gigi's

Nanny sure enjoyed her dinner....I think she ate for well over an hour!    Bre gave all the "ladies" books that were filled with grandaddy's old love letters to Nanny from the war.  There are probably a hundred of them and they are priceless.  We are losing the art of writing letters and more importantly the art of "courtship".  He expressed his love for her just like you see in the movies!  He called her "kitten" and "my blue eyes":)

Oak Grove cantata.  Lane was a narrator...and Bo was a cowboy (he had to learn a lot of lines and did so well).  I was a proud mamma~

Ellie entertaining Kate with some chocolate.  Thanks to Ellie for taking them to practice each week. 

Ms. Sandra (she has directed the children's program there for many many years...since my childhood)  Bo loves her (as does Lane)

Bo's school program

Ms. Leslie and a cute snowboy

Jonah was in the reindeer group.

Bo's friend, Sam

Bo's class party (last day of school)

Ms. Leslie's last day until March 1st (baby girl, Camille was born Dec 20th:) The kids gave her a "my first christmas ornament that they all signed

Lane and Addie at their class party with their snuggies

ABC had to jump in this picture!


While my niece and nephew were here we went to the square to the "jumpee place" and Santa happened to be hanging out in the courtyard gazeboo. Kate actually sat with him for about 30 seconds before she started crying! 

Bo and Land had a long conversation with him

Present time at Ellie's

"minute to win it" game

Kissing cousins:)

Too funny!!!

We substituted our yearly "cookie baking" for "reindeer brownies"!  

She ate so much icing and brownies and m&m's while we were decorating, I don't know how she didn't throw up.  She was one happy baby for 30 minutes!!

Lane and Bo had a few friends over to do some "kid Christmas actvities"..we had lots of fun decorating gingerbread houses with milk cartons, playing pin the nose on Frosty, and musical pillows to Christmas music.

Newman family Christmas dinner at my parents (we didn't have the camera and Rob was taking pics with his phone, but looks like he only got our kids...hmmm.)

Christmas Eve breakfast...we spent the day at home unwrapping gifts to each other and enjoying the beautiful weather outside until it was time for Christmas Eve service at church.  My most favorite tradition since marriage:)

Bo gave his big sister a rose:)

Lane gave her little sis a monkey

We all gave Kate a "replacement" monkey" to replace the ceramic paint a piece monkey she dropped and broke about 2 months ago.  She has missed the monkey so bad...every day she would say "monkey, drop it"  "Monkey broke" or "monkey trash".  We went to paint a piece and painted her a new one....she couldn't stop hugging and kissing him!!

Their favorite gifts..."sunggle buds"!

Hmmm....someone forgot to tell me to go brush my hair and get dressed!!!  There are the 3 carat diamond earrings Bo gave me

He ran around the house for 5 minutes yelling "I got catcher's equipment, I got catcher's equipment"...He LOVES it!

Lane gave me a cute ring!

new robes

Gigi's on Christmas eve...Rocking Elmo

Pops gave Bo his "lifetime" Hunting and fishing lisence

Thanks be to God for the celebration of the birth of his son because it is always at this time of the year that I become aware of my blessings and shortcomings all at the same time.  I am very thankful for all of our family that we share the season with, especially the man above and our 3 kids!