Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Season 2012

Another Christmas season, what a blessed time of year- through celebrating Christ's birth, I get to do things I love to with those I love more, see my kids enjoy themselves, eat lots of great food, shop....

The advent season has started to take a hold of me a little more each year as I get older and gain understanding. Since joing the Pres church, for years I just knew we lit candles and read scripture....amazing what you can miss if you aren't seeking out more.  I love the emphasis that our church places on our "waiting" for Christ.    I am thankful God is giving me the grace to see the season morefor what it is and I pray that I can live in light of that.
A Christmas Eve photo op

The 3rd annual "Uncle Chad's Parade of Golf Carts"

A movie with friends on the last day of school....we thought it started at 1....well, it was 2:30,  so these kids sat in this lobby for 1.5 those folks wish they would have put that movie on some screen at 1:00!!

School Christmas parties

Santa and his girls

pretty girls

the ferris wheel at the zoo....Kate had been watching a "Barney" episode with a ferris wheel and kept talking about we spent the $5 to ride when we went to the zoo in December!

Buddy and his antics...again this year!

Ralph girl trip to "Charlene's" in Halls

cousin fun!

2 kids that were terrified of him made for an exciting Santa visit!!

3 very special women in my life:)

Some of the newman cousins

Uncle Phillip and his gals

Just beautiful:)

Lane's Santa presents

Kate's Santa presents

Bo's Santa presents