Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lane's Zoo field trip

Well, I guess big school is official now....we went on our first field trip! There is no better kindergarten field trip than the zoo.....it was perfect jeans and t-shirt weather....and the zoo was not crowded, so it made for a great day! It was fun to get to see all of her classmates, which I sometimes hear about and put a name with a face. We stayed together as a class and I was in charge of 2 other girls in addition to Lane. They were great kids and I enjoyed getting to know them. It was also nice to see that Lane is blessed with a special teacher too....seeing her natural talent with those kids was so great! (some people are born to be teachers and I was NOT one of them!!) By the way, yes, I got to ride the big cheese with her! Here are a few pictures from our trip.
Miss Lesile's class

Lane's #1 chaperone!

Some girlfriends in her class

Her good friend "Big A"

and her other good "A" friend!

as many times as we have seen the pandas at the zoo this was the first time I have ever seen them outside!!

Lane and John Owen (we didn't run into him at the zoo, so we ran across the hall when we got back and I snapped a picture)!

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