Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Upwards 2014

I didn't think he could love any sport more than baseball…guess I was wrong, he loves this!

Our church

We have been working on our church directory and these were some pictures we used- I ran across them when adding pictures to my blog so I wanted to put them on here to have for our scrapbook.  Yes, this is a beautiful building, beyond that is beautiful relationships inside…I love my church. The people in it have helped me grow in my faith so much.  I am thankful for my mom who took me to Oak Grove Baptist church every week as a child, which brought about my initial relationship with Christ and now for First Pres, the church home God has given to my family. 

starting them out early...

Lane and Bo complete the "kids marathon" for St. Jude this year- I was really proud.  They logged miles in the fall (2-3 miles at a  time) to reach a total of 26.  (they were supposed to run their last mile in the race, but weather prevented that along with my half marathon:(  Nonetheless, what a great accomplishment!  Way to go guys, I was one proud mom….

The went with me to the expo to turn in their mileage logs- and we found this car that had names of all the participants on it- how cool that they found our names

Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Season 2012

Another Christmas season, what a blessed time of year- through celebrating Christ's birth, I get to do things I love to with those I love more, see my kids enjoy themselves, eat lots of great food, shop....

The advent season has started to take a hold of me a little more each year as I get older and gain understanding. Since joing the Pres church, for years I just knew we lit candles and read scripture....amazing what you can miss if you aren't seeking out more.  I love the emphasis that our church places on our "waiting" for Christ.    I am thankful God is giving me the grace to see the season morefor what it is and I pray that I can live in light of that.
A Christmas Eve photo op

The 3rd annual "Uncle Chad's Parade of Golf Carts"

A movie with friends on the last day of school....we thought it started at 1....well, it was 2:30,  so these kids sat in this lobby for 1.5 those folks wish they would have put that movie on some screen at 1:00!!

School Christmas parties

Santa and his girls

pretty girls

the ferris wheel at the zoo....Kate had been watching a "Barney" episode with a ferris wheel and kept talking about we spent the $5 to ride when we went to the zoo in December!

Buddy and his antics...again this year!

Ralph girl trip to "Charlene's" in Halls

cousin fun!

2 kids that were terrified of him made for an exciting Santa visit!!

3 very special women in my life:)

Some of the newman cousins

Uncle Phillip and his gals

Just beautiful:)

Lane's Santa presents

Kate's Santa presents

Bo's Santa presents