Sunday, January 27, 2013

NaCoMe 2012

This is the first year that we have all 5 gone to camp Nacome (our church camp).  We have been hesitant since Kate came along, but we gave it a shot.  It was really great.  The kids just absolutely love NaCoMe- nothing like running "free" for 48 hours with limited supervision, catching crawdads, listening for the dinner bell, canoeing, changing clothes 5 x a day, sleeping on bunk beds in sleeping bags, staying up late....and for me it is fun watching them and hanging with our great church friends rocking on the porch or playing a game in the Dale building.  Can't wait for next year!
I love this picture (thanks to Melissa)

A terrible picture...but hey we are all 5 in there!

Her friend, "Maclin"

how sweet is this...hey actually played Barney's " l love you" by ear for her!

 making the boats for boat races.....


boat races

what a cute couple...beautiful inside and out

she had too much hot chocolate, too much coke....or not enough sleep but this was bout 10 at night and she was wound up acting crazy yes, she walked out of our cabin onto the porch with these panties on her head.  Anybody know where she comes from???

First day of Third and First grades

Braves t-shirt and Backpack for this guy's first day of first grade...with Ms. Georgia (I can't find the picture of him and her:(

Bo's favorite breakfast-sausage and egg biscuit.  Lane can't get awake enough to eat much in the mornings yet Bo wakes up asking for breakfast!

more pictures

More random pictures that may not need their own "post"....a few from my birthday (at home with the family)..

G with two technology savvy toddlers

a litte putt putt.... note to self...kate is too young for this!

Lane and Bo running down hall road with me (Bo is really wanting to get into running....and Lane, well,  she sort of wants to!

Kate had seen an episode of Barney where he rode a Ferris Wheel and kept asking to ride one...thankfully the Memphis Zoo had one! That was one expensive ride, though...ughh!

sweet sunday school friends brought me my first edible bouquet for my birthday....really, really great people

Bo and his friend, Sam on their kindergarten field trip

Bo and Rob starting a fire on a random Friday night

Monday, January 14, 2013

Making cookies

I just downloaded the blogger app to my phone so that hopefully I can stay more up to date with little stories and day to day life because it seems I'm really only able to catch up on big events lately. When I look back at previous years books it's the little day to day things I really enjoy, so I hope this blogger app along with low quality cell phone pictures will help!
I usually don't do this on a random Monday night, but we made cookies tonight. Lane got some baking things for Christmas and she has been wanting to use them...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

St. Louis weekend

We took the kids to St. Louis this summer (well 2 of them- we decided they could use a little time without their attention seeking sister)!  St. Louis is full of things to do- Rob and I have gone a couple of times for a weekend but this was the first trip with the kids.  We enjoyed a Cards game (even though we are a Braves family -we are a sports family - so we can enjoy any game), the children's museum, the arch, the American Girl sore, and the zoo.  We stayed in a great hotel downtown (the Hyatt), but for posterity, I need to remember that we were originally booked at the Millenium (the "old" side) which I had found at a great deal - like $75/night.  Website looked great, and the hotel is really not that bad if you are on the "good side"- well, we weren't.  It took us about 2 minutes of going into the room with an old school box 19" tv, broken mirror, broken tile, smell like old feet room, until I got on hotwire, found a 4 star hotel for the same price, went and asked for a refund (which the manager graciously game me), and we rolled those suitcases right out!  I LOVE HOTWIRE and highly recommend it! 

I have never seen elephants play like this! They were going underwater and spraying each other- it was very picturesque!