Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fall 2013

Catch up time again!!
This was a Friday night when the girls were both spending the night away from home (at Addie's if I remember correctly)...and the three of us had a fire and a nice night on the back patio.

Punkin' paintin'

ATES fall carnival 2013

The highlight of every ATES fall carnival...the FISH!!!

Book character day- "Little red riding hood" and "Jack" from Magic Tree House

Halloween costumes..

Ninja, Minne Mouse, and Zebra gal

Ms. Sara


Ms. Nancy and "Uncle" Russell (my parents favorite neighbors

Lane's favorite pasttime- passing out candy on the front porch till it's gone

Dawson family photo

This one's really old from my birthday) - my sweet friends brought me an edible arrangement:)

Lane and her piano teacher "Ms. Sherry"

SS gals at Redbirds games

Tyler and Chelsea's wedding

The program attendants

Tent and pallet

Storage wars...Covington Style