Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disneyworld 2009

This is a very very old post that I have been avoiding because of all of the pictures to upload, but I had to get it done to print our 2009 blog now that it is done, I can start the "book to blog process)!

Fall Break 2009 was spent treking the parks at Disneyworld! We figured (as we were planning for baby #3) that we should take Lane and Bo before we had a little baby to take! I was about 10 weeks pregnant with #3 and felt pretty good while we were there. Uncle Dave went with us and gave us some extra help with the kids. Mom and Dad gave us some time at their Hilton condo and it was super nice...a brand new resort- awesome, I just wish we would have time to actually enjoy the accomodations, but of course our travel planner (LND:) kept us moving in the parks all day! Lane and Bo were a great age! Some of my memories....They were REALLY into character greetings and I believe we met every possible character this trip...even Peter pan, who I had assured Bo we would not see (because I had researched and could not find that he ever made appearances). I packed us lunch in a backpack every day, we ate 2 charachter meals (animal kingdom breakfast and the Cinderella 1900 Park Fare dinner). They were styled at the "Bippity Boppity Boop" salon in the Cinderella Castle.

's Mike from monsters inc!!

Bo's favorite charachters of the trip....the Power Rangers!!

We bought Bo this Peter Pan set, at the Tinkerbells Treasure shop and within a few hours he lost the captain Hook....and he was devestated, so his soft mom went back to buy another set and the super sweet lady in the store gave me another set for free! Needless to say, I wrote a comment card about her kindness! He played with these things the entire the stroller, on rides, in the hotel, in the car, on the airplane!

MGM/Hollywood studios

One of uncle Dave's disney I-phone app secrets....the magic rain umbrella! He would check the wait times and find tips for us on this app!

The MGM water show "Fantasmic"

After being stuck at the top for 45 minutes! (Technical difficulties with the ride shut it down for 45 minutes ...I was waiting at the bottom and kept calling them on the cell phone checkinng on them! Lucky Uncle Dave got to sit with Bo for 45 minutes locked in a seat!

We lucked upon Peter over behind the Peter pan's flight ride just before going to the Bippity Boppity Boop would have thought Bo had seen the President!!

He was mad after he got his hair done, because he said he just wanted it "Red like Peter Pan's, not spiky with this stuff in it!

Tink was so excited to see Peter!! It made him feel so special!

Uncle Dave was dreaming of staying at the Grand Floridian resort while waiting for dinner at 1900 Park Fare!

Bo spotted Marie from Aristocats while we were walking at Epcot and he knows how much Lane loves Marie...he started shouting...."Look Lane..It's Maurice!" It took us a while to figure out what he was talking about!

The Hilton Grand Vacations Club