Thursday, September 24, 2009

Memphis vs. MTSU

We had a great weekend going up to Murfreesboro to watch the Tigers get their behind kicked by the Blue Raiders. Lane and Bo were so confused the whole game because Uncle Hunter wanted the black team to win and momma and daddy wanted the tigers to win. Bo kept asking which team is the "mean team" and which team is the "nice team" a 4 year old boys mind, everything is good vs. know like Ninja Turtles vs. Shredder or Ben 10 vs. the DNAliens! They both just decided to go for the Raiders I guess because Hunter and Samantha (and Anna, our cousin) are cooler than mom and dad. We had a chance to go visit Rob's great aunt while we were there, then we had a great tailgate party with Marty, Bre, and their crew. (Not to mention Rob to his administrator's praxis on Saturday too!)

A quick nap before the game

Is this the prettiest 90 year old you've ever seen??

She cheered for the boys' footbal game.

We caught up with Pouncer in the Tiger Section.

Lane and Bo LOVE these 2.....and I think the feeling is mutual!!

Bo always loves Hunter and looks up to him.....well, this weekend, Hunter's friend Tyler was up visiting too, so Bo got to have 2 heros! They taught Bo about football while we tailgated!

He likes to say he has a "big belly"....yeah, about as big as his daddy's!

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