Friday, July 3, 2009

"Kindergarten Round-up"

Rob had a "proud papa" day this week when Lane went to her kindergarten round up at Atoka Elementary. She has been talking about going to "Daddy's school" since she was 3 (when he was at Crestview). She always says "when I get big, I am going to daddy's school!" I have a litte funny on her too...he said that one of the teachers over heard her talking to a little girl and they were introducting themselves to each other; Lane said, "and my last name is the same as the principal!" This didn't really sound like her, she is usually pretty shy on first meeting, but who knows what kindergarten will do to her. She is so excited, she is asking me every day now, do I get to go to school next week?

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Christi said...

Every August I watch a new "batch" of kids come in and I am always sympathetic to the parents that I see crying (I mean really crying) as they leave their babies for the first time. Luckily, Lane will have Rob, but nonetheless, it signals a new phase. This year I find myself extremely empathetic as E starts pre-k. Where did the time go?