Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July weekend!

We had a busy weekend celebrating the 4th! We went to Rob's grandmother's for a family lunch, visited with his friend, Nick and his family, had a cookout with some Covington friends, then had ribs at Ellie and Boo's yesterday. Lots of fun! I think we pushed the kids a little hard with no naps in 2 days....We were picking up some things for Bo's birthday last night at Walmart, and Bo said, "momma, I think I just won't have a party." I said, "Why not, Bo?" and he said, "cause this is taking too long and I am tierd." Now for that boy to admit he is tierd,...well he was tierd! Here are some pictures, my camera ran out of battery Saturday night, so I stole a few pics from the McCool's blog!
The Jeep adventure ride with Jamie (it was like Kilaminjaro safari at Disney.....only free!)

Nothing like good ole Watermelon on the 4th!

This was a fun game called, "Let's hit Uncle Rookie in the stomach as hard as we can!"

Here was the neatest part of the weekend (aside from the Jeep adventure with Jamie)......Nick's mom has the coolest swing in the backyard that goes super is hung from a huge old maple tree...the pictures don't do justice to how high this thing goes. Made me a little nervous, but they loved it!

Lane is looking for the momma bird in the tree and trying not to scare it away!

Ellie made this cool jello flag dessert and Lane and I decorated it with cool whip!

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