Saturday, July 4, 2009

First softball seaon

Lane's first softball season was really good! Needless to say, we didn't go on to play allstars, but that's okay, I am really, really proud of her....not for her athletic abilities, but for her efforts. She is not a natural (now, if she ever ends up playing high school softball, I am going to have to eat my words!), but I am proud of her for sticking out a season and saying that she wants to play next year. Her favorite parts: getting the "team coke" after the game, packing her drink bottle before the game, and playing catcher! She was the only one who had her best friend, "Betty" bear there every game in the stands watching her. She had both momma and daddy on the field every game coaching, Ellie and Boo in the stands waiting till the game was over to buy her a "treat" at the concession stand, and a little brother who was running around the fields with other kids, eating hot dog every game! That is a a little recap of the season......and here are some pictures.....

I know this pic is dark...but one of her favorite parts was chanting and throwing her glove in the air at the end of the funny, both teams went out there together and most of the time they didn't know if they won or lost!!

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