Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bo!

Our baby boy turned 4 this week. He has been anticipating this day for a while! He said that he had the "best birtday ever" (which is what I posted that Lane said on her birthday, so I am starting to wonder if they say this every year, no matter what!!). We had a "Pump-it-up" party on his birthday, and had lots of friends there to celebrate with him. We gave him his present the night before, which was ninja turtle pajamas and a bunch of ninja turtle figures (all bought used on e-bay...if you've ever looked for ninja turtle pj's in a store, you'd know that you can't buy them!) He said the pajamas were "what I have been wanting my whole life!" Here are some other funnies from his birthday:
The night before, he kept asking me if he was gonna be 4 tommorrow? We kept reassuring him that when he woke up, he would be 4! The next morning, he asked me like 5 times, "Am I 4 now?" "Are you sure I am 4 right now?" Although, I kept reassuring him, he finally came and said to me," Momma, will you go get a measurer and measure me to see if I am really 4?"

Then just before bed, he was playing with a race track that the Lyle's gave him. Ricky had told him that he had 3 cars that he bought to go with it, but Miss Holly forgot to put them in the gift sack. So when he was playing with it, he said "this is the coolest present ever!" So, I said, we should call Mr. Ricky and tell him, and Bo said "yeah!" So I dialed the number, gave Bo the phone, and when Ricky answered, Bo said "Hey, Mr. Ricky, do you have those 3 cars that go with this race track??"

This kid says the funniest things, but he is so sensative, he would never want us to laugh at him, he is always concerned when someone is laughing at someone else. He is very keen on emotions, when we read books, he looks at the pictures on the characters faces and tells me if they are sad or crying or laughing. Now, although he can make me madder than anything many day, he is my "baby boy"....I think it shows that he is a little spoiled by being the baby.

But......I love when his little tiny hands brush my hair out of my face or rub on my cheeks. I love when he sings with me at night in the bed when I sing him songs. I love to hear him say "you are my best friend, momma" or "you are my best friend, daddy"
This is not a birthday pic, just a beautiful little boy picture!
Bo sporting his used e-bay ninja turtle pj's playing with the 50 figurines!

What a cool cake!

He was pretty possessive of this birthday chair, but hey it's only your day once a year!!


Kendra said...

Bo looks like a little Ralph Lauren model in that picture! I can NOT believe his is 4...they really do grow up too fast.

Susan Sampson said...

Looks like fun! Who's the little boy with his finger in his nose? LOL He's too cute, looks like a Sampson! Happy Birthday Bo!!!