Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I have a few Mother's Day "thank yous" to issue. First, Thank you Rob, Lane, and Bo for making me feel special this morning. Rob got the kids up and let me sleep while they were making muffins and planting flowers for me. The kids also made me cards from school. Now, Bo ran in the house brining me his on the day he made it. Lane, hid hers carefully away until yesterday morning. Rob said when he woke her up, she stumbled to the kitchen, opened the drawer where she had hid it and started into my room. He said he didn't tell her it was mother's day; but she is very keen about remembering special things. I know we aren't very photogenic before showers, but hey, it's life:

During church, I thought a lot about the influence mothers have had on my life.

Next, I am thankful for momma. She has taught me how a mother loves. She loves my brothers and I unconditionally and we have always felt her love. She puts us first, and we know she would do anything for us. She has taught me how to have a kind heart to do special things for others. She is always thinking of things to do for others that would make them feels special (lucky for me I am often on the receivng end of that love!) She has also taught me about the importance of family. No matter what hardships have come her way, she has always stood firm in her dedication to her family.

I am thankful for my mother-in-law. She has taught me about not sweating the small things in life. She has taught me about balancing things in life....husband, kids, career, self.

I am thankful for my grandmothers. My dad's mother I never knew, and I hate that. I wonder what she was like....I wonder if she was like my dad. I wonder if I am like her in any way.

I am very thankful for the years I had with my "granny." We lost her a few years ago at Thanksgiving. I thought a lot about her yesterday. My aunt had a lunch at her house, and memories flooded my mind of granny. Aunt Donna grilled hamburgers, and she made them like granny did...with barbeque sauce on them. My mom made angel food cake and strawberries, because she said, "Granny always had strawberries at Mother's day." I thought about the things I used to do with her.....going to get groceries in that big white cadillac and her telling me about the days when the rode on horse and buggy (with the mules "cap and john"), cooking with her (I remember rice pudding, cornbread and greens the most), getting popsicles from her freezer and using those big old black and silver scissors that sat beside the sewing machine in the laundry room, watering flowers, going to pick up a farm hand in the field, drinking out of that community water jug that stayed in the fridge, playing with my cousin Clayton every summer at her house, eating the jello she made me in that big brown bowl when I was sick (she kept me usually when I was sick because momma had to work), I not so vividily remember the smell of her basement that I loved, I can picture her Bible that sat at her counter where she was very worn and full of papers. She was a quiet Chrisitan example for me as a child. I miss her. I am glad I knew her. I have just a few things of hers...the one thing I wanted from her house was her old tin tea pitcher.

I am thankful for Rob's grandmothers, Nanny and Memaw.

Nanny has always made me feel like I am her own granddaughter. That is really special. She gives good advice and loves, loves, loves her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I love to visit with Memaw and talk about church with her. She is the only Presbyterian on both sides of our family, and we love for her to share that faith with us.

I am blessed to have been shaped by these special women. I pray that God will be not only with me, but lead me in my journey as a mother. Happy Mother's Day!

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