Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BB's Babies

Rob's squirrel dog BB had puppies 6 weeks ago. She had 8 sweet babies....2 female and 6 male! She had them while we were gone to Kansas City! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am not considered to be an animal lover, not because I don't like them, but because my asthma has always prevented me from being able to spend time with anything with fur. But I will have to say I have really enjoyed helping to raise this litter of pups. I even gave them their shots last week. Now, I did have to scrub down and change clothes everytime I touched them, but it was worth it. Especially to see how much the kids loved them...Lane cried when we got their tails cut, cried when we gave them shots, cried everytime she thought about that we weren't keeping all of them...she loves them. Lucky for us (or unlucky for us...!) we are keeping 2 of them. Rob chose Bo's dog "Tarzan" and Lane's "Kacie" to make their home at the Dawson kennel. He sold the rest....(finally some return from this expensive hobby!) I told him last night that I look forward to the next litter!

These pictures go from their birthday to this weekend (6 weeks) so you can watch them grow.

This is the runt or "Baby Girl" or "Gracie" as Lane called her...and yes, she cried when we didn't keep her!

Random picture of some hot "mammas" at play day when the kids played with the puppies!

This was so cute, the kids at play day all had a puppy just roaming around the yard with them!

Good ole momma's milk!

nothin' like puppies chasing a 3 year old boy in his underwear!

Bo and Tarzan!


Kate said...

those are great pics. Loved the one of all the kids holding the puppies. That was a fun day :)

Susan Sampson said...

Those puppies are precious! I just wanted to reach into the computer and hold one!!! :)