Sunday, May 17, 2009

Conratulations MTSU baseball!

Rob' s youngest brother, Hunter, is a junior at Middle Tennesee State University, majoring in construction management....but more importantly, he is a redshirt sophmore on the baseball team!

MTSU won the SunBelt Conference championship yesterday (well tied for it).....nonetheless, the boy is getting a championship ring!! Looks like they are also going to be playing in the NCAA tournament in a couple of weeks too. One of his friends on the team is up for college baseball player of the year with 27 homers and a ridiculous number of RBI's! Congrats!

The kids and I went up to see him for the opening of their new stadium in February. They are crazy about him (and Samanta too), and Rob & I think they are pretty special too! We didn't leave till the game was over and they had an autograph signing at the end, so who knows maybe we'll have the autograph of a major leager one day!

Rob and I went up again in March to see him play.....we had a good time going to the game, eating afterward, and Nanny rode home with us. Here are some pictures

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