Monday, April 20, 2009

March Snow....More than a Foot!

We had the biggest snow of my memory March 2009. Definitely the first really big snow since Rob and I have been together (15 years). Rob and I both love the snow (and the kids do to for about an hour!), so it was great watching it fall that night wondering when it would stop (and it did....13 inches later!

Don't know why we even tried, but this was us about 1/8 mile down Hall Road...3 others were stuck with us...

Luckily, Baker saw us from the highway and saved the day!

We ended up having to borrow Baker's 4wd truck and using it for the next 3 days, otherwise we would have been in lockdown at home because our road was terrible! Look at the snow on the roof of his truck.

Jan and I got creative with the snow board and the 4 wheeler and he even talked Nicole and I into "snowboarding" before the night was over!

Jonah, John Owen, and Bo

Notice that all 4 of them are eating it!

This is what a 3 year old snow ball fight looks like!

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