Monday, April 27, 2009

Darn splinters!!

I know a splinter is really minor thing, but man it can be major to a 5 year old and her mommy before school on a Monday morning. Poor Lane had to suffer through me literally digging 3 splinters out of her foot this morning before school. I started to put her shoe on her and noticed her foot was swollen and red...she told me it was a mosquito bite, but when I went to wipe it with alcohol (that's how we treat mosquito bites), I saw them....2 big ugly splinters and one tiny one. You know, those kind that have been there for a while and you think they might just pop out....well, not these they were buried in there! I felt so bad for her I just kept apologizing to her as I was using a needle and tweezers to get them out, because I remember that feeling as a child when momma would have to dig mine out! We "missed the bus"; when Ms. D got there we were in the middle of the ordeal, so I just went into work late and took them to school. She was so grateful and loving to me when it was over, because I kept threatening that we might have to go to the hospital if I couldn't get them out! This was actually my second traumatic splinter encounter as a mom....Bo had one last summer that was even worse I think!

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Kate said...

i think they got them Sat. night. Lucy has a BAD one too, in her hand!