Monday, April 20, 2009

Lane turns 5!

Lane told me after all of her birthday celebrations that she had the "best birthday ever!" It made the hard work of having an at home party all worth it! She talks often about her best friends Samantha and Betty having birthday parties, she will say "did you know Samantha is turning 8 today?" or "I am having a party for Betty today, she is 5!" So, we decided to have a teddy bear party to celebrate her turning 5. The kids made t-shirts for the dolls or animals that they brought or for a new one that they chose. We colored doll and bear coloring sheets, played pin the bow tie on the bear, and read a Bearenstein bear book. Thanks to all of her friends who came and made it so special to her! We had a family party at the mexican restaurant and she got a special song and dessert. Also, Baby R was still in town, so she was able to be with her cousin at her school party! Here are the top ten reasons I love this child:

1. Sometimes you wonder if those who you love, love you as much as you love them, well, not with Lane.....that child loves me so much and shows me constantly.
2. I love that she makes me something every day of her life.....literally, now I don't just mean a few times a week, she makes something for me everyday. Some days it is an elaborate painting, some days it is a note on the door when I get home that says "I love you, mommy. From Lane."
3. I love her tender little heart. Her ladybugs in the bug catcher died yesterday, and she was devastated.
4. I think it is precious (and quite annoying at times) that she thinks like her daddy, walks and stands like her daddy, is hard headed like her daddy, sleeps like him, is slow paced like him, analyzes everything like him, wants things done well like he does, I could go on....
5. I love that she is so girly....its all purses, dolls, stuffed animals, making crafts, make-up and nails, changing clothes, cooking for this child.....but I am so proud of her softball skills recently!
6. I like to watch her in the kitchen...that child can crack eggs better than me!
7. I love movie nights with her....snuggling up with popcorn and a sprite in the living room floor.
8. I love to dress her and fix her hair...I think it may be a battle of the wills for years to come when it comes to this!
9. I love to watch her take care of Betty, Samantha, and all of her other babies...she has 3 baby beds in her room. She also has a little tiny remote that she uses to pretend to "turn the tv on" for them after she "puts them to bed".
10. I love to hear her pray.

One day, I will make a list of the top 10 reasons she drives me crazy!

Here are birthday pictures!

My gift to her.

Pin the bow tie on the bear.

We read "The Bearenstein Bears, No Girls Allowed"

Samantha, Lane, and Betty.

Our family celebration at"Margaritas" ...that's whipped cream on her nose from the sopapilla they brought to her when they sang!

A litte shy!
The Bratz Magic hair doll that she asked for.

Cupcakes at school.

Baby R got to be at her school party!


Danielle said...

Love, love,LOVE the card you made for Lane! So sweet and creative. something that she is sure to love for years to come.

The Howard 5 said...

Brie sure had a great time, she has been carrying that bear around

Allison said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lane from the McCool family!