Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter is a special day in the life of a Christian.....and we had a good day today, worshipping, time with church family, time with family, and time to hunt eggs, and time to rest in God's creatons. I am grateful for the lent season and that it prepared me for this day. I have missed blogging, really I have missed reading all of yours more than doing mine!! However, I also learned about resting in those times when I would normally spend blogging or catching up on others. Don't get me wrong; I am back on the scene, but I hope I will be sure to keep my prioreties straight becasue I realized how much time I spend doing this! I have lots of catching up to do in order to keep up for my yearbook I plan to make (so prepare to be bored with the past 2 months events soon!) Hope your family enjoyed your Easter day; you were in my thoughts....
We enjoyed the newly ordained Reverend Ricky Lyle's easter messages both at sunrise service at Mt. Carmel Pres. and at FPC.
Scooters and candy from the Bunny!

Bo's cool move during church (notice the tie on the outside of the sweater...he refused to put in on the inside...said, "It doesn't look handsome like that!").

Bo loves Maggie!


Samantha said...

I have missed looking at this!! Lane and Bo look absolutely adorable, her hair is SO long!! Hunter & I have a birthday present for her the next time we see her! Hope y'all had a good Easter!

Kendra said...

I am lovin' the "outside" tie!

Christi said...

I'm so glad you're back!! I've missed seeing your pics. BTW, I've still got L's birthday present to bring you. Promise I'll do it this week ;)