Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lane's softball scheule

For family and some of you friends who have asked for Lane's softball schedule...Here it is (below)! You should be able to print this page. We start tomorrow. Also, here are some pictures from a couple of her practices. Yes, Betty and Samantha have had to take the "spectator role" since Lane needs to be on the field!

Thur, April 23 6:30
Fri, April 24 7:30
Thur, April 30 6:30
Fri, May 1 7:30
Thur, May 7 6:30
Fri, May 8 7:30
Sat, May 9 2:30
Mon, May 11 6:30
Mon, May 19 6:00
Thur, May 21 6:00
Fri, May 22 7:30
Tues, May 26 7:30
Thurs, May 28 6:00
Fri, May 29 6:00
Tues, June 2 7:30
Thurs, June 4 6:00


Sarah said...

oh my lord! look at that schedule!!!

Susan Sampson said...

So when does Bo beging playing ball? Just wait-it's hard to keep up!!! Don't laugh, but I'm going to copy the way you posted the schedule...that's a great idea!

The Howard 5 said...

her setting up the babies is sooo funny!

nicole said...

I love the picture of her from the back holding the dolls and standing like her daddy! Can u believe they have these little ones play so many games? Our schedule is crazy, too!