Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cupcake Maker....gone wrong!

Any other little girls out there get a "Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker" for Christmas??? Looks like a great girl toy, right??? Wrong! Momma and I used it last night for the first time with Lane and Bo....the cupcake part went great, in fact I said, this is a lot easier than the Easy-Bake-Oven...because you just pop one single cupcake into the microwave and it's done in 30 seconds...but then comes the icing....I opened 5 packs of frosting trying to get the right consistency to get it to squirt out like it does in the picture....not so simple, we had icing everywhere and ended up just letting them put lots of sprinkles on to cover up how terrible they looked, but know what? They never said one thing about it, that it didn't work right, that they were ugly, just devoured every bite of the nasty little cupcake and left us with this messy icing mess of a "cupcake maker" to clean up! Actually, I am going to try again tonight, but if anyone knows the trick to working this thing..let me know!


Sarah said...

that girl DOES love to cook! i have to admit, we got an easy-bake a few months ago and haven't tried it 'for real' yet...they just play with it in their play kitchen. i'm a bad mommy.

Christi said...

Anything tastes and looks great when made yourself (at 4) with a cool new toy and your mom and grandmother. Sounds great to me!