Tuesday, January 6, 2009

christmas cookies

It is a tradition....I remember the first year that Rob and I made Christmas cookies....in our old house on Drummonds Road the first year or 2 we were married....it has been a tradition (most years) since. Last year, we did the pre-cut sugar cookies, but this year I thought the kids were old enough to do it the old fashioned roll 'em out and cut them with the cookie cutter way! And they were...we had so much fun, although I think Bo digested more cookie dough before it was cooked than he did baked cookies...everytime he would cut out a cookie (as I wasn't looking) he would tear off the edges and eat them (I don't mean a little edge, I mean like there was space to cut out 3 or 4 more cookies there!). Nonetheless, everyone was tiered after icing the first batch, so I finished them myself, and I told Rob it was a good thing people who we were giving them to would "think" the kids decorated them because that's how terrible my skills are.....it looks like it would be so easy!

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