Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zoo and a Tiger Game!

A few weeks ago, we took Lane and Bo's friend Cade (well, if we get specific Lane talks about kissing him all the time and Bo thinks he is Bo's idol because he is all boy, too!) to Memphis with us. In case you don't know, kids are often more entertained with a, anyway, they had a great time and I think the tigers even won their game. It was really neat that they had the white tiger out and they were doing a special "TIGER" exhibit at the zoo that day.


kate said...

where did upi get lane's cheer outfit? I want to get the girls one for Christmas and am having a hard time finding it. Also, did it fit small or bog or just right?

Amy said...

How cute! I love her little cheerleading outfit! It's so cute. Maybe she'll take after her mom and be an awesome cheerleader/dancer one day.