Sunday, October 19, 2008

High School Musical

We had a mother and daughter girls night at High School Musical on Ice in September. Here are a few pictures.

All of the mom's were complaining about how much the "souveniers" cost....$12 for cotton candy (but hey you got a hat), $10 for a snow cone (with a cup!), HOEWEVER, my Lane got her full $10 out of her snow cone...she ate on it from the time the show started till that last act 90 minutes later!) Notice the pink hair..I am proud of you Georgia and Amy for letting your girls go wild on a school night!


Tracey said...

Way to go on the blog, Laura! You've been busy, doll. Your children are adorable! Love the pictures. Keep 'em coming.

Laura Dawson said...

Thanks girl!

Susan said...

So glad you are blogging! Please don't post our scavenger hunt pics! I BEG YOU NOT! Had a great time!