Monday, October 27, 2008

Defending my vote!

For some reason I am feeling compelled to "defend my vote" or really just tell everyone who will be getting my vote for President. I am voting for Senator Obama, and I am clearly in the minority of my circle of friends, co-workers, and just in general in the state of Tennesee. I just want to say that I entered the early season most definitely undecided, having never been much of a political person! I have prayed earnestly, watched and read earnestly, and as this same process has lead many to their vote for McCain, it has lead me in the opposite direction. I feel certain we all reach our decision in the same way; it is based on values, beliefs, and sometimes just a gut feeling. I think it is good to as our minister, Mat, puts it, "wrestle with the issues." I consider myself to be very open minded and can see both sides of most issues. I AM pro-life, and disagree with my candidate on this issue and even some others. Simply stated, I have a big heart for the poor, abused, and underpriveledged children and families. I want to see this country get to a point where there is less poverty, less racism (both ways), more equality, and a bigger spirit of love, unity, and giving. I am not sure this is possible, but I have hope that maybe in my children or grandchildren's lifetime, it can happen. There are many things that I like about him, but in a nutshell, I have hope that he can reform some things that are dear to my heart. I have heard lots of people say that there is "something I just don't like about him", well, "there is just something I like about him". I simply want to let it be know that I have put much prayer, thought, and Christian values into my decision as I am sure most people have......and also let it be known that I love my McCain supporting friends dearly! There, done, I have let it be known who I am voting for!


Sarah said...

yea laura! i voted early, and it felt great:) i'm just nervous as heck for election night...i'll be up all night waiting for the results, wearing my "mama for obama" shirt!

Kendra said...

I too have a heart and compassion for the needy. If only the "Robin Hood" theory worked in reality. I too feel compelled to say who I voted for...I proudly voted for McCain; I don't feel that Christian values - such as defending unborn life and gay marriage - are negotiable issues. If you get those wrong, you've got it all wrong.

You know I love you and we can agree to join together in prayer that our country will be a better place (morally) for our children - no matter who our next President is.