Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I was happy to be off the whole week of Spring Break this year!! I don't think that has ever happened before...I usually end up working at least a day or two, but not this year...we had a great week of getting a lot of projects done and spending a lot of great time together this week.  It started out with a bang on Friday: Lane's birthday sleepover (and Bo got to spend the night with his best bud, Jonah). 
 Saturday we went to the Cinderella play at the Ruffin and met some friends at Marlo's ( I also cleaned out all of the kids closets and got a bunch of goodwill/yard sale stuff together)
Sunday- was church, a birthday party and a baseball game
Monday - Rob and I pruned, weeded, and mulched the flower beds and took a break to meet some friends for a picnic at the "big playground" (we took several trips here during the break).
Tuesday - planting flowers and a trip to Atoka to see "The Lorax" and watched Uncle Hunter's basetball game
Wednesday - our first "tent" camping trip (minus Kate)- this deserves it's own post, which I will do:)
Thursday - recover from camping!
Friday- a zoo trip (we met the carlisle's) - loved the new dinosaur exhibit- it was a little drizz;y at first, but turned out really nice. then dinner at the country club w/ Ellie & Boo and we went to the Cherger/Cardinal baseball game
Saturday- the fun is winding down!! more baseball practice, grocery shopping, grilling out, and movies
Here are a bunch of pictures......
Marlo's for Pre-theater dinner (Cinderella play)

i love this one!!

and I love this one too!!

our "self taken" camping pic!

good thing she had her umbrella!

the cute baby dinosaurs that Lane oohhhed and aaaahhed over!

I could have done without this graphic dinosaur mauling!

these two were so sweet:)

they kept these straight faces pretty well!

why is so dang hard to get a good picture of 3 kids??

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