Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our firstborn is 8!

Here are a ton of pics from Lane's 2 birthday celebrations - a sleepover and a day with her family...

She had a sleepover, complete with an American Girl Cafe dinner!


Thanks to Christy for another great cake (funfetti flavor - she said that was a first for her!)- this was her gift from Ms. Christy:)

Her Ellie

Her Gigi

Her momma

A little "pre-party" when the mommas dropped the girls off....the little ones really wanted to stay all night with us:)

Bug and ABC

The Cafe (Rob was the hostess/waiter:)....the girls giggled so much at him!

Dessert- Garden Ice Cream cups (ice cream with crushed oreos, gummy worms and a silk flower)....this was so easy and they thought it was so neat!  When we ate at the Chicago AG store they served these with chocolate mousse instead of ice cream.

Abby, Shelby, Lane, Ella James, Addie, Andi



The night concluded with an American Girl movie and popcorn....they finally went to sleep about 1:30!

Today, we went shopping, got nails painted, and to dinner at Stix (habachi).  Bo and Rob went to do baseball stuff while we shopped...they were so adorable! They turned a lot of heads!!

Waiting to get their nails done (we just walked by a nail place - at the Collierville all) and I poked my head in and asked how much to polish 2 girls nails - they said $4/each - I said...we're in!!)- that was so cheap- so worth every penny.  Kate told the girl "thank you" after every nail she painted!

I couldn't talk her out of ANOTHER Build a Bear (I made her use her own money!)

Hibachi (she loved the Japanese Happy Birthday song)

Top 8 reasons why I love you La-La ("Sugarbear"):
1.  I have  never heard you say one mean thing about anybody in your entire life (except your brother, and I can ignore that)! You have such a kind spirit about you. 
2.  You are becoming quite the little gymnast (and working on that piano too)- you have given up softball this year, but your birthday present was a gynmnastics mat and if I had a dollar for every "cartwheel or backwalkover you have done in the living room, I'd be a rich woman! 
3.  You are still such a rule follower - and although I am not one, I love that in you!  It's a good way to live:) 
4.  You are really opinionated - I don't worry so much about you being a follower - you know what you like- and you stick to your guns!
5.  You are a great sister- very helpful with Kate and your love/hate relationship with Bo is really precious. 
6.  You are such a great student...I am proud of your success at school - thank you for trying so hard.- 7.  Your favorite subject is reading and your favorite "related arts" are music and art.  You really don't like recess to much. (And your brother lives for recess)!!
7.  You are still a grouch when you wake us- you really can't talk or do much for at least 30 minutes - your poor husband one day!
8.  You never tell me "I'm bored" (like your brother)...you can entertain yourself- playing with dolls, with your IPOD, on the swingset, with TV.

Thanks for being an amazing 8 year old daughter...I love every little piece of you, and I am thankful that God chose me to be your momma:)

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Leslie said...

Such a sweet post! Tell sweet Lane happy birthday for me! I just love that girl!