Friday, April 13, 2012


Easter means more and more to me each year as I grow in my Christian faith.  Hallelujah to our risen Lord in is meaningless without him.  In days/moments when I feel down, I realize it's because I have taken my eyes/heart away from that fact by some of the business of this world.   I sort of despised the candy, eggs, and baskets this year, but then talked myself into the joy that some of those things bring to us during the season.  It took me 2 hours Sunday night to sort through eggs and baskets....ughh!  Nonetheless, we had some GREAT egg hunts and events over the week preceeding Easter.
I love these smiles

Easter Lunch was AWESOME at mom and dad' are the kids ready to take off!

"Mimi" (Aunt Donna) helping get that chocolate out!

She stopped after every single egg she picked up to see what was inside!

Addie Grace on a mission

Pat Pat

Ellie looks so pretty! (and Lane too)

watching the masters....2 peas in a pod

Boo spoiling her rotten

Uncle Hunter getting her "bugs"

the afternoon wouldn't be complete without 4 or 5 of us coaching Bo!

We had a last minute hunt with friends (literally at 1:00 on Saturday we decided to have a few friends over to grill out and hunt a few eggs)

Kate loves "Annie Brooke"

on your mark, get set, go!

dont you love that monkey basket!...perfect for that monkey lovin gal

checking the eggs!!

As much as she loves her sister....I think she loves her even more:)

how sweet, I watched Jonah help her with that egg

too cool for school!

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