Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Monkey Party for Kate

Oh my, how sweet is this little face?!  

This little booger turned 2 today....we have been talking about this every day for the last week or 2! Not all 2 year olds really know what's going on at their birthday part.....well, not this one, she was fully aware that we were getting ready to have "her monkey party"! She's been carrying this shirt around the house for a week begging to wear it.  Lane and Bo were so excited to- they woke up like it was their own birthday!  We had a great little party in our church fellowship hall (it turned out to be a cool morning), and we had a great time with jumpee house, bowling pins, legos, basketball goal, and a pull string piniata (would you believe that there were 20 strings on that thing and it was the very last one!!) Her presents from us were a kitchen set (great yard sale find) and her American Girl Bitty Baby- she LOVES Lane's so I decided it was time to get her one)- she named her "Katie".  She's been toting her around and playing with her cooking stuff all day/night.  

Another Ms. Chrisi creation - this may be her best one yet:) Kate loved it!  

Gigi reading "Five little monkeys bake a birthday cake" in her best teacher voice:)

Yeah, it's not like me to take the time to get too crafty...but I did (the speedy version)

Opening presents

Solving the world's problems!

Kate Ellen,
   I just put you in the bed for the night.....although, you have absolutely worn me (and your daddy, and your grandparents) out....I can't imaging life without you.  Being my third child, I am pretty used to busy children - the first two were pretty active themselves (well, Bo for sure)- but you, well, you are more than active - you are non stop.  It's quite hard to describe - you talk to the point that I find myself asking you to just "stop talking for a few minutes".  You can carry on a full conversation on the telephone, your vocabulary is immeasurable - probably hundreds of words.  You love to go (I can't imaging where you got that from!!) , go to Bo's ball games, play school with Lane, go to Build a Bear and Hobby Lobby with Gigi, ride with golf cart and go to the Country Club with Boo and Ellie, go to Bible Study with momma, ride in "Daddys truck" anywhere.  Your latest thing is saying "Where re (we) going, momma?" or "I not wanna go home momma"  - every time we get in the car! You have started saying the blessing this week "Dear God, thank you for today, momma, daddy, food. Amen"  You are a fanatic about your clothes and will pitch insane fits to wear what you want, which lately is your "summer clothes" and also "monkey jammies".  You are not my best eater - you eat enough - but not as good as your brother and sister - you love all fruit, broccoli, cheerios, spaghetti (and of course all junk).  

I pray that your tender little heart holds a big place for your God who created you and loves you more than I do.  I pray that I can follow his guidance to help be an instrument for him to reveal his spirit to you and that soon you will be able to take the faith as your own.  


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