Friday, December 16, 2011

Maui, Days 6 & 7

I went running several times while we were there....the weather and the scenery on a beach boardwalk in Maui....pretty picture perfect for a runner....and I probably passed a hundred or more other runners out there!  I think I snapped this pic on my phone on a run.  Days 6 and 7 were basketball game number 3 (another great game, but overtime loss!), beach/pool, and anniversary dinner. 

Memphis vs. Georgetown

The Ukelele kids at half time so cute and festive

My sign to try to get the kids to see us...I heard it was on tv, but never saw it myself!

11 year anniversary dinner at Tropica Restaurant.  I searched around and found a 3 course dinner special that was great and cheap, well for Maui! 

We had reservations and were lucy enough to be seated at this quiant table with 3 others that were set oceanside...the sand was just on the other side of those bushes...perfect.  

We found a great breakfast place walking distance (beachwalk) from our condo and at here on our last day

My omelet (yes, you may be tired of seeing pictures of my food, but if you know me at know that food is important to me!!!)

Rob's banana, macademia nut pancakes

How we spent the last afternoon in Maui before our plan left at 10:00 that night and we returned home to our babies the next day.  Here's to hoping we go back one day...I have promised Lane I will take her there for her high school graduation.  

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