Friday, December 16, 2011

Day #2, Black Rock, and Sushi

Our resort...Kaananpali Beach club

Rob...I believe he is actually watching highlights from the  Memphis win over UT!

What a game....a double overtime victory over, it wasn't pretty, but it was our only W!!!

Black Rock...we spent the afternoon out by the "team hotel", The Sheraton, which is at Black Rock, a famous snorkeling spot and a spot to jump off cliffs into the ocean...I jumped off the smallest one there....Sam slipped and cut his foot pretty good, it was no amateur cliff!!

DJ Stephens actually sat down and spent some time "just hanging" with us on the beach...sweet guy:)

DJ, Stan Simpson, Hipp

Sunset on Day 5...they were all beautiful...

Coconut Creme Brule at the Sushi restaurant "Japango" in the of the best things I ate on the island....however, the sushi I can do without...they say Maui is famous for it's sushi...guess I am just not a sushi lover, I can eat it but it doesn't tickle my fancy

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