Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kate - 19 months

You are fascinated with : monkeys, buddy the elf, Christmas lights, Elmo, Barney, phones, riding the golf cart

You can have a semi-conversation on the phone answering questions and everything!

You sleep with about 10 things in your bed....sheep ("happy"), 3 blankets, a 2 foot tall Barney, "puppy", "monkey", taggie blankie, "baby"....and you really won't have it any other way.

You speak in 2-4 word phrases (vocabulary is really not countable, you say probably 100 words and repeat anything....namely "Geez" and "Gosh" (some of my expressions)....most impressive= "Ellie come get you now!", You also say "Bo funny" and "Bo Dawson". you yell at Lane and Bo "Suppertiiiiime"

You ask for milk about 30 times a day

Your favorite foods:  pizza, spaghetti, broccoli, green beans, grapes/fruit, "crackers"....and of course, chocolate

You are super duper busy...I know most 19 month olds are...but I mean, really...you are to the extreme!  By far the busiest of our 3!!  You push chairs and stools to wherever you want to climb....and climb.  You like to hide from us when you've done something you shouldn't...you know!

you have "Sa Sa" wrapped around your finger...I have to keep reminder that you need to do time out when you don't mind!

You kind of have a love/hate relationship with your brother and sister... (mostly with Bo)....you worship him/them and want to follow them around, wish you could move upstairs with them, run to them when they are upset, ask them for hugs when you are sad....but they are also the first kids you will push, hit, scream at and take all your frustrations out on them.  They often get on your nerves, but you'd be lost without them.

You love Buddy, the Christmas elf....look for him every morning!! And you know you can't touch him...you never have!  You love to talk about Santa, and you say he's bringing you a "vacuum"  but certainly don't want to get too close.

Eating Bo's apple that you found!

I put you in your high chair with a movie to try to get 10 minutes on the computer to order our Christmas cards....within about 3 minutes you walked into the kitchen (you climbed out)...this is actually the pic of you climbing back in!!

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