Friday, December 16, 2011

Maui, Day 4....let the games begin!

Summer of 2010, Rob and I started thinking about planning a 10 year anniversary trip (Nov 2010)....after some checking around, we realized that the Tigers would be playing in Maui in Nov. we delayed the trip a year because there is nothing we love better than following the Tigers...and Maui was a perfect anniversary spot!  So, this trip was a long time a coming and thanks to my parents for sharing their time share with us which made it possible (and to all the grandparents for taking care of our kiddos:)
First game....vs Michigan

The venue (Lahaina Civic Center) was so neat....watching them play in bascially a high school gym was an awesome experience.  We were right on top of the action and every minute of it was fun 

Yeah, a loss....they pretty much manhandled us

Coach Pastner's daughter sat beside us....she made me think of Kate because they are just a few weeks apart (she is a much calmer 18 month)

We went down to the Neolani and grilled burgers with the rest of our crew(Rob's and/uncle/cousins/brother) and this was the sunset that night

Matt's fiance just asked us to turn around and snapped this.....I love this...we are not dressed up, just in the swimsuits we'd been in all afternoon!

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Amy said...

Loving the Hawaii posts! Great pictures!! :)